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I. INTRODUCTION Great managers all exhibit and exercise key strategies and plans which facilitate a productive organization. In any industry, a manager must be consistent with these strategies and plans and use them efficiently. The attention a manager gives to an employee can make or break a manager's success. If a manager lacks skills in planning, leading, organizing, or controlling, he will not have the type of success that great managers have. The manager's attitude towards employees, choice of structure, and analysis of the company are all very essential to running a successful business. I believe that a Flat Structure that's emphasized by a Theory Y manager who practices detailed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis will have the type of success mentioned before.II. FLAT ORGANIZATION (First Principle) As an organization grows to be very large, a frequent problem occurs. Initially, most of these organizations have a tall structure. This tall structure includes many levels of authority. Tall organizations are very inflexible, slow to change to match the organizational environment, and at risk to distortion of orders and commands. A flat organization takes care of all of this. Flat organizations have fewer levels of authority. The main principle of a flat organization is minimizing the chain of command. Decentralization of authority is also essential to a flat organization. As a top manager minimizes the chain of command, he must give middle managers and first line managers more responsibilities. Flat organizations are more productive, efficient, and effective.IMPORTANCE. Managers can increase their productivity in a flat organization. They are faced with many more responsibilities due to the empowerment that is involved with flat organizations. This leads to managers' working harder to prove that they are able to perform more tasks. Top managers have more faith that their orders will be followed without mistakes because orders are passed through fewer people. This will decrease mistakes made while passing instructions by a huge amount. Flat organizations also react much faster to changes in the organizational environment because the information is passed through fewer levels quickly as opposed to the slow process of a tall organization. When dealing with the organization of a company, less is more.IMPLEMENTATION. If faced with the problems of a tall organization, I would redesign the organization so that the number of managers would be decreased. The new organizational structure would aid the fewest levels of authority necessary for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This reorganization would show my employees that they are trusted to perform the new responsibilities assigned to them. I would achieve fewer levels in the organization by eliminating a level of managers and giving their responsibilities to managers in the levels near them. This would permit my company to be more efficient and more effective...

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