Philosophy 119 Term Paper: What Is Moral Judgments?

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Throughout the semester, I have read total three philosophical books which helped me to understand little more about what moral judgment is. Some people say it is an instinctual response to a situation, telling us what is right or wrong. Or some people say it is the expression of learned and acquired cultural values. However, this writer personal believes a moral judgment is a subjective, personal or even preferable opinions of a person concerning whether something is right or wrong. And also I was able to learn that each person makes their own moral judgments, and those decisions are valid for that person and therefore nobody’s judgments are better or worse.

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They are the very basis actions that differentiate us, as human beings, and other living creatures. Secondly, moral values help us to choose between what is right and wrong. Moral values saves us from becoming evil souls like criminals, perpetrators/felons etc. So, the significance of a moral judgments is that is a decision that helps us, human beings, to live the way that the Gods will consider to be ethically just and correct. And also this writer personally believes that moral judgments is a significant portion of our live since it is the driving factors that help all of us to think and act in a manner that is moral so that we won’t be considered as a barbaric creatures who does not understand what is right or wrong.
Indeed, there are many implication to the concept of “moral judgment”. For instance, I believe the most implication of the idea of moral judgment is that it will help the whole society to mature morally. This is because if a person who spent his/her entire life making judgments that are morally correct and just, like Socrates, will teach their child to do same thing. And when these kids grow up to be old enough to have their own children, they will do the same thing and so forth. Of course, as such cycle accumulates the time passes, the society that we live in will mature to a point where people will find it natural to make judgments that are morally just and correct (in other word, such cycle will in the end have an positive impact of helping the society to grow morally. However, we cannot ignore the fact that there are many complication to the concept of a moral judgment. For instance, this writer believe the most significant complication to such philosophical concept is that it is too broad in a way that definition of the concepts differ from a person to person. This is because each person will have different religious, cultural and even ideological backgrounds from other people. Of course, such difference will put a person in a situation where he/she comes up with different definition because what is considered a moral judgment within their religious and cultural scope might be different from other people (like a what is considered to be moral judgment by the Muslims might be different from what Christians believe to be moral judgments).

As mentioned above, there are many complications and implication to the concept of “moral judgments”. However, we cannot ignore the fact that there are many difficulties/problems associate with it. For instance, the argument that the idea “moral judgments” will have positive...

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