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Philosophy 130 Essay

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Thinkers within the realm of philosophy possessed a different train of thought that allowed them to make massive discoveries. Thales is regarded as the first recorded philosopher from Miletus. He believed reality was defined by water. Water rests on earth, reflects objects, and conforms to the shape of other objects. During what we call the ancient period, 600-300 BCE, communities lived by water supplies. Water is necessary to have the ability to obtain other means of survival. As opposed to referring to religion, Thales rejected the concept of Gods on Mount Olympus. The reality beyond mythology for Thales relied on the basis of water. Thales touched base with the concept of knowledge ...view middle of the document...

Aer can be condensed or rarefied. When rarefied, it converts to fire. With condensation, aer transforms from mist to winds, clouds, water, Earth and stone. For Anaximenes, these compounds produce the qualities in the world. Anaximenes may have experienced different seasons, where water condensed to snow and ice, which serves as evidence of the difference in cold and heat.
An Ionian naturalist, Pythagoras showed interest in the reality of the kosmos. He specifically studied the mathematical realm. Qualitative refers to the variety of experiences where as quantitative is definite in all occurrences. In this instance, numbers serves as rules because mathematics has such a strong degree of certainty. What is fundamentally real can be expressed through numbers. The principles of the study believes the “principle of all things that are” (F17:28). However numbers necessary but not sufficient in explaining reality. Pythagoras explains these instances with the ten principles. The ten principles pair with opposites because “most human matter is in pairs”...

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