Philosophy: Everything In Nature Has An Explanation

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A. Egg Drop Lab

B. Purpose: To Catch an egg with a contraption that allows it to be unharmed so it can be reused.

C. Aristotle’s once widely accepted beliefs on physics were eventually proven false by the subsequent scientists, Galileo Galilei, and Isaac Newton, as they built upon each other’s ideas. Aristotle adamantly believed that everything in nature had an explanation, and also brought religion into science, a fatal mistake. Aristotle believed in the concept of 4 elements (air, earth, fire, and water) and relied upon them to support his explanations of forces in nature. A good example according to “The Physics of Aristotle vs. The Physics of Galileo” lies in Aristotle’s belief that a stone fell to the ground because of its similarities in composition. Similarly, smoke was mostly composed of air, and so wished to be with it because of its similarity. (The Physics of Aristotle vs. The Physics of Galileo) Another groundbreaking concept introduced by Aristotle was his belief that objects only moved as long as a force was applied to it. This coincided with his other beliefs of Earth operating on different principles than the Heavens. Because of this, on earth, objects stopped moving once the force applied upon them disappeared. But in the Heavens, however, he explained their continuing motion was due to a God-like entity called the “Prime Mover,” which continuously provided the force necessary for the heavenly bodies (planets), to move. But this method of logic had its flaws as seen in an example concerning a bow and arrow. It didn’t explain why the arrow, when shot, continued to fly through the air with no seen force applied to it. This contradicted Aristotle’s view as a force wasn’t being applied to the arrow, yet it was in motion. (This was later proven false by Galileo and his “Law of Inertia,” which explained why the arrow didn’t require a constant force upon it to move.) (The Physics of Aristotle vs. The Physics of Galileo)

Galileo was one of the few people brave enough to criticize Aristotle’s beliefs, and as they were so intertwined with religion, he earned the contempt of the church with his many discoveries. Galileo is known for his work in establishing both the Law of Falling Bodies as well as concepts in Air Resistance. In his time, people had believed previously what Aristotle had established in 4 B.C., that objects fell proportional to their weight. ex. A heavier rock would fall faster than a lighter one to to it being heavier. But, Galileo, in the 17th century proved this was wrong, instead finding that the rate of fall was exactly the same for any size objects. This was proved by his legendary experiment atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa where he was said to have dropped two iron balls of different sizes, and, contrary to popular belief at the time, they fell at the exact same rate! From this, Galileo also discovered that objects had the same acceleration, as well as mass didn’t affect where the balls landed. (Air...

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