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Philosophy Final Essay

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The United States is the world’s policeman and viewed by other countries as the ideal place to live since we are “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Even though we are the world leaders in many things, our education is no longer in the lead. Americans are falling further and further behind in our education. A comparison of Germany’s education and the United States’ education systems will be explored.

The United States does not have a national education system; school policy is decided by each state. The federal government offers a small funding to states for education, but is limited on the influence on education decisions. Revenue generated for Texas public school come ...view middle of the document...

In the United States a teacher can teach head start or pre-kindergarten with an Associate’s degree in early childhood development. To teach K-12 in the United States a teacher has to attend an accredited University or College and complete the Bachelor’s degree program. Teachers that teach elementary have a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and Teachers that teach in the Junior High and High Schools have a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a minor in their teaching field. If a person decides to teach and has a master degree or a specialist degree, that can satisfy the need for teaching a particular subject (Hollowell, nd). The national graduation rate for all students in the class of 2012 in the United States was 80%. Texas’ graduation rate for all students in the class of 2012 was 88%. Texas tied with Nebraska, Vermont, and Wisconsin for 2nd place for graduation rates nationally (Texas Education Agency, 2014 para 1). Each state has a standardized test and an accountability that each district is held to. In the state of Texas each campus/district has four Performance Index that are evaluated against; student index (index 1), student progress (index 2), closing performance (index 3), and postsecondary index (index 4)(Housson, 2013). Each district is required to meet at least one target. Index 1 which is student achievement is an overview of student performance based on all student achievements over all subjects tested. Index 2 which is student progress focuses on individual student growth despite achievement for each ethnicity group, student disability, or English as a second language student. Index 3 which is closing the performance gap focuses on advancing academic achievements of students that are considered economically disadvantage and the lowest performing ethnic groups. Index 4 postsecondary readiness stresses the importance of high school students to get a high school diploma preparing them for successful completion in college, technical school, entrance to the workplace, or the military. Postsecondary readiness also stresses...

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