Philosophy Of One Century Is The Common Sense Of The Next.

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It is often a new and unfamiliar ideology or theory could be brought to the surface of research and analytical discussion for the purpose that more people would start to accept and understand it after a period of time. People are curious; the novelty of theory often drives a person to discover and further apply it in life. The more observation of this newly invented idea a person has, the higher possibility it become knowledge and learned by others. Once the authenticity of the theory or ideology becomes comprehensive among people, it will be spread among diverse cultures and become common point of view.In prehistory of human, most cavemen drew on the sand or on the wall of a cave to communicate, those images, if being observed by modern people, would be irrational and confronted with what modern people have known. However, it is believed that those cave images and drawings were the sources of languages of diverse cultures, such as English letters and Chinese writing. When these cultural languages have been studied individually within nations for years, easy, but comprehensive, demonstration and pronunciation of a language will be developed and pass down generation to generation. For instances, the old Chinese alphabets came from the pictographs, which are pictures representing a word, a phase, or a routine of life. For example, a letter "wood" would be primitively drawn as a shape of wood. After years of advanced development of progressive learning in life, Chinese people started to speculate similar shapes, to argue the ambiguity of definition of writing or meaning, and to condense images or letters into knowledge or philosophy. However, because Chinese people lived far away other nations and might not even believe there were other nations existing, the way Chinese people develop their languages was based on the perception of their culture and familiarity of their life. Therefore, the rest of the world once has the chance to...

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612 words - 2 pages "The Declaration of Independence" asserted our nations position in the world, and demanded attention for the British aggressors. Conversely, without the document Common Sense, it is incredibly likely that our nation would have never rallied behind the cause of independence. When examining the content of, arguably the two most important texts in our nation's history, it's quite common to question which was more effective in its style, language

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535 words - 2 pages important Part of American life in the late 16th century. Thomas Paine makes some statements in Common Sense that would appeal to the disenfranchised merchant and tradesman. He points out that Europe has many closely localized kingdoms that are struggling for power too often to maintain any long standing semblance of peace for long. In this manner he basically asks, "why should Britain's constant warring with other European powers, take its toll on

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1152 words - 5 pages rejected the idea that the mind and body are contradictory or mutually exclusive. From his perspective, philosophy begins not with death, but with a sense of wonder and awe of the real world. That is, the only world that exists - the one in which we live and move and have our being. There is no need to invent another reality, or separate the mind or soul from the body and materialexistence. Ordinary experience is a tremendous source of wonder

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1049 words - 4 pages because of how harshly they might be punished for acting out against the government. This is why Thomas Paine's publication of the documents in Common Sense has become so important.Paine's abilities as a rhetorician have greatly helped his influential range affecting a great deal of people to start enacting change in society and in government. He says that "In this state of natural liberty, society will be their first thought. A thousand motives will

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