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While the nursing profession has evolved over time to meet the changing needs of people and the health care delivery system, it has remained true to its very core values that continue to inspire nurses to face new challenges, thus rendering them with greater opportunities for growth and development. As a caring profession, nurses were initially regarded as individuals who carried out tedious tasks of maintaining the cleanliness of hospital wards, in addition to reporting to their superiors such as physicians and providing direct patient care. Through the years, the profession has developed and adopted practices that were considered important in advancing the needs of patients within a ...view middle of the document...

Nurses at the time highlighted the nurturing characteristic of the profession. They also took on duties that were not directly related to patient care. Many of them did not receive formal training and performed duties of a hospital staff. Nevertheless, they were considered as an essential military component, which helped them gain recognition in society and later opened up opportunities for better nursing education and training. The nursing profession emerged as a true profession after World War II (Jacob, p. 13). In the United States, policies that shaped the health care delivery system established guidelines for nursing training and education. The nursing profession has managed to withstand the challenges of changing times of society, emerging as a resilient profession that involves more than just providing a nurturing and safe environment to patients in need.
Nurses of today continue to face the challenges of a society that is constantly changing and moving towards an era defined by high technological advances. The health care system is in flux. There is an increase in demand for nurses compared to the demand many decades ago. With the advent of technological breakthroughs, there is a stronger need for the nursing profession to demonstrate skills and abilities to provide a nurturing, safe, and patient-centered care in any health care setting. In addition, there is a...

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