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Philosophy Of Diversity Essay

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1Running head: PHILOSOPHY OF DIVERSITY7PHILOSOPHY OF DIVERSITYPHILOSOPHY OF DIVERSITYTeressa DobbsUniversity of the RockiesAbstractWhat is philosophy of diversity? Pondering over what philosophy of diversity really means and attempting to gain a better understanding of the diversity concept, contentiously recommending the dictionary is not where the most logical explanation lies. Arguably, a better understanding is gained through delving into who I really am. The intention of this paper provides the reader with detailed information gained through research as it relates to philosophy of diversity. This will be achieved by way of a reflected image of individuals with disabilities along with a few other minority groups to include their individual characteristics and customs associated with their culture. This paper will also provide a connection with the text and associated theories. Additionally, the philosophy of diversity's impact on the future will be reflected upon.Philosophy of DiversityWhen thinking about this topic, I realized my level of curiosity increased. The heightened curiosity caused me to complete an online search on the topic, philosophy of diversity. The results were somewhat ironic. The majority of what was revealed in the search was on educational institutions and a close second was on organizations. Again, my curiosity was increased even more. As I pondered, I thought organizations and learning environments should have effective programs that handle diversity. In addition, there are so many other disciplines that should be attentive to diversity as well. Based on the enormous growth depicted in regards to minority groups in the United States, the need for local, state and federal government agencies as well as religious association to take on the task of initiating and or expanding a diversity plan, has increased. In all actuality, organizations in the United States should be concerned about diversity.Being employed in an educational setting, I advocate, more than most, in an educational environment the importance of diversity. Often time's people don't acknowledge that diversity is an essential element of a productive and effective educational program. The educational environment in which I am employed has a very diverse group of students and employees to include but not limited to African American, African, Hispanic, Asian, and Caucasian descents. The diverse population in our program also includes children with disabilities that receive services through an inclusion program.This paper will investigate my personal attitude in regards to diversity. In addition, this paper will appraise individuals with disabilities along with a few other minority groups to include their individual characteristics and customs associated with their culture. This paper will also discuss theories reflected in the text and correlate them with this paper. Additionally, the philosophy of diversity's influence on the future will be...

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