Philosophy On Teaching And Education Of Orhan Seyfi Ari

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ORHAN SEYFI ARI (1918 - 1992)

His Philosophy on Teaching and Education Philosophies and Philosophers

The late Orhan Seyfi Ari was a philosopher and educator, a teacher who was dubbed Teacher of Teachers and who a street was named after, as a teacher and headmaster hailed for social and cultural educational reform, a columnist and poet, some of his philosophy on philosophers and educational thinkers, philosophies of education and teaching, are deducible as below ~he saw himself as a humble teacher: "I am neither a scholar nor a philosopher" he wrote in his unfinished treatise -he has been hailed also as a scholar, a thinker, a philosopher.

Dogrusoz (on educators & O S Ari) -Kibris, 5 Feb. 99
"Sometimes a great school is a man, sometimes a man is himself a great school"

Fedai -Halkin Sesi, 27 Dec. 92
"Seeking of you insight the wonders of the universe into
I knew, at last, this, that the universe was you"

Metiner -Birlik, 29 Jan 93
"Well known and versed, none was he...
Than the pilgrim -the teacher: Orhan Ari"

Orhan Seyfi Ari rhymed thus the philosophies of philosophers, the efforts of educators, teachers, failing to wake man to his difference from mere animals he was behaving as:-

" 'I was an ape' you say -or amphibian?
And now?! Are you not, now.. 'man'!? "

Failings were of.. philosophers, eastern and western thinkers, educational philosophy, teachers, teaching -in teaching values.

Were affecting educational philosophies and educational philosophers, educators and education, teachers and teaching, philosophy and science, knowledge and wisdom, the biases of those who thrived on ignorance and sought to unpopularize each other's kind to the masses with many concerns or under pain of ridicule or other injury and unable not to believe or accept as told, by e.g. supporting 'the monkey trial' or 'discovering' the Piltdown man, by abusing the trust and innocence of man in bigotry or ignorance ~in teaching, educational philosophy, educational philosophers, educators, teachers too readily adopted viewpoint applications of not educators into philosophy of education, teaching -even in the education and teaching of young minds.

Ethical scepticism in philosophy by some philosophers was a concern of daily life in philosophy of education to educators and teachers in teaching -through philosophies of education, educators and teachers, teaching, it affected society's learned behaviour ~whether ontology, philosophy, philosophers, could explain or not the transcendental, whether man lacked mental capacity for the transcendental as in some philosophers' philosophies or not, some educational philosophies' and educators' suggestion that 'truth' could be only scientifically known psychology's increased acceptance of philosophy's and philosophers' 'mind', cosmology's agreement with eastern and western philosophy and great philosophers on a 'mysterious force', made doubtful, science's, ontology's, philosophy's, even great...

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