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Philosophy Paper

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Philosophy Paper
1.) Why have you chosen to be in this field?
The first 5 years are pivotal in a child’s life. What a child learns during this fundamental period will forever mold and shape them. It is a tremendous benefit that they have exposure to an excellent teaching staff. It would be desirable that all children could avail this resource. However, though that is idealistic, I hope my entry into the field improves the lives of the children I serve. It is my aim to meet this standard of excellence in guiding children to learn developmentally appropriate skills which will help them achieve a successful academic future.
I am aware that I will be setting the tone for their future as a student. This is their first exposure to school. Drilling children with a curriculum that is not suitable for their age and stage will create many adverse effects. For example, children who are pressured to sit down and learn to read in preschool will likely hate attending and not want to go. Their self esteem may suffer and they will lose a potential love for learning. Sadly, these children are exposed to an unnecessary stress and may resort to feelings of failure if they don’t meet the expectations of the adults. One thing a child will need to succeed in life and academics is self confidence—a quality I will do my utmost to instill in each child.
I love children. I enjoy talking, playing, guiding, and caring for them. I don’t want to stifle their promise for doing well in school and life by forcing developmental growth on them. Rather, I want children to learn by doing what they love—play. I want to facilitate their learning in ways that will both pleasurable and appropriate to their level. I want to be someone they will trust, respect and enjoy. Though they can always be improved upon, I feel that I have many characteristics that will enable me to be a successful early childhood educator (ECE).
2.) Teacher qualities and responsibilities to children and their families:
I feel that to be a successful teacher one must be enthusiastic, attentive, child focused, flexible, playful/engaged, enjoy their company, passionate, authentic, a good listener fair, consistent, respectful, creative, knowledgeable of the ages/stages of development, provide...

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