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I believe that parental involvement is essential for the success of a child’s education. I think for a child to excel in school that their parents or guardians need to educate the child as much as the teacher. It is important for the parents to understand the effect they have on their child’s education and how significant their role is. Since a child learns just as much from their parents as they do from their teacher it is important that the parents also stay educated and know the material the student is working on. For a teacher to properly educate a student they need to know them in all developmental areas which includes parents, because of the crucial role they play in their child’s growth and development. By having the parents involved they can work with the teacher to come up with a curriculum that best suits the student. Involving parents in their child’s education benefits the student, parents, and the teacher because there will be an abundance of support for the child’s education. By involving the parents they are able to help the child out of school which will help to keep them on track with their education. I believe with both the support from the teacher and the parents that a student is more likely to grow and develop into a successfully educated person.
I think that communication is the key to keeping families involved in the education of students. There are several different forms of communication in which I plan to use to communicate with families. I plan on using email and newsletters as my main form of communication with the families of my students. I think that email is the best way to give out information quickly and a way for parents to ask me questions when they are not able to meet face to face. I believe that newsletters are a good way of keeping families updated on what the students have been doing and to notify them of future events. I also believe that family nights are a great opportunity for the parents to ask me questions and explore the classroom while being in a relaxed environment. Another type of communication I plan to use in my classroom is parent-teacher conferences. I think that this is a great opportunity for the teacher and the parents to openly discuss the student’s education and talk about any issues that have taken place. By communicating with the parents of my students I hope to gain insight and help from them...

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2396 words - 10 pages does. He has really helped my journey through high school easier because of his motivational skills and talks. I believe that leadership can take you a long way and allow you to become a role model like never before. In this paper, I will discuss the leadership qualities I want to possess, necessary for my career, and how they will benefit my future. Along with my leadership qualities, I will reveal my mission statement that is important for the

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2471 words - 10 pages many would seem unmeaning jargon, but which, nevertheless, were full of meaning to themselves. I have sometimes thought that the mere hearing of those songs would do more to impress some minds with the horrible character of slavery, than the reading of whole volumes of philosophy on the subject could do. I did not, as a slave, understand the deep meaning of those rude and apparently incoherent songs. I was within the circle; so that I neither saw

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1445 words - 6 pages Diana KinneySeptember 22, 2014Personal Drug Philosophy - TA: John KronstainOn my honor, as a student, I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment.Word Count: 1412Drug use in any context, except caffeine, has always been frowned upon in my household. With a full Korean mother at hand, underage and illegal drug use was especially frowned upon; Koreans from her generation largely disapprove of illicit drug use in their culture, and my

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1495 words - 6 pages Being a leader by definition is to be someone that acts upon him or herself in order to help others succeed and accomplish certain tasks or projects in life; if someone is a leader they have a quality known as leadership. Throughout my life I have had experiences that led me to be the leader I am today. Through my childhood and adolescence my softball coaches inspired me to continue doing what I love to do until I couldn’t possibly anymore; they

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832 words - 3 pages Philosophy comes from the two Greek words philein, which means 'to love,' and sophia, which means 'knowledge' or 'wisdom" (Moore & Bruder, 2002). This is not the only definition of philosophy as philosophy is a vast subject. My interpretation of philosophy is a field of study where one thinks "outside of the box" in the search for knowledge or wisdom that does not involve scientific explanations.There is not one answer in the nature of

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897 words - 4 pages The Way I Wish To LiveWhen first reading the assignment on defining my philosophy of life, I began to truly dig deep in order to try to conquer this question. How do you really define philosophy or better yet, the philosophy of your own life? Eventually I came to the conclusion that I define the philosophy of my life by happiness, love and success. Through obtaining these assets, I hope that life in the future will be as prosperous and

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642 words - 3 pages The Incoherence of the Moral 'Ought,' a journal article by Duncan Richter, is an analysis of a paper by Elizabeth Anscombe entitled, 'Modern Moral Philosophy.' In this analysis, Mr. Richter is only concerned about Anscombe's second thesis, which states as follows:The concepts of moral obligation and moral duty (what is morally right and morally wrong, and the moral sense of 'ought,' ought to be jettisoned if this is psychologically possible

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1198 words - 5 pages 12/17/03 Philosophy of Life Paper My philosophy of life is probably quite different than most people. I have been through several traumatic events, as well as maintained high grades in rather high-level courses. Most people fail to understand how I manage to keep up my grades. However, perfectionism is one of my many flaws, and one that I struggle with each and every day. Perhaps this paper will help you understand me better. In my life

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5189 words - 21 pages "There is only one God and he is God to all; therefore it is important that everyone is seen as equal before God. I have always said that we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu, a Muslim become a better Muslim, a Catholic become a better Catholic."(Mother Teresa) Mother Teresa was a unique soul that help and impacted many unfortunate people in this world by holding the word of god near and dear in her heart. She devoted her life to the

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2316 words - 9 pages writings, Greek Christian Literature, and the Latin Church Fathers.He studied much of Aristotle. He wanted to translate all of Aristotle's and Plato's works from Greek, into Latin but never was able to finish this before his execution (Stumpf 2003).Boethius' life and past influenced much of his thoughts as well as the intellectual writers of the western world, which ultimately lead to his great impact on philosophy and theology during much of the

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