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Feldman (2012) is a retired corporate lawyer with extensive experience in his field, having served a number of American corporations and in some, having been instrumental in their development. In this particular article he describes the focus of the current crop of business organizations on the bottom-line. He believes that outsourcing, cost-cutting and downsizing activities geared towards the bottom-line forgets the impact of an active and extensive business enterprise to society - it employs, it enhances the market, in increases buying power. Current practices shrink the market and with lower employment, the buying power of society at large is impacted so that by tightening the purse ...view middle of the document...

They create a way of practice of business which is their culture. Thus, they are responsible in establishing ethical standards which means that they are also moral agents for they establish a construct of right and wrong. In most businesses, the bottom-line is profit alone. After all, businessmen practice their trade to earn. But there are intrinsic concerns that are just as important as money - we call that the practice of social responsibility. Businesses must be accountable to their impact to the environment and society as they exist because of these. A business that ignores social responsibility can quite easily be equated to immoral enterprises primarily because of the lack of social responsibility. Consider a criminal narcotics trafficker and a corporation illegally dumping waste. Both impact society negatively, both damage human lives. Both are concerned on the bottom-line alone. Such enterprises are cancerous to society and serve no function other than enrich their capitalists. Their essentiality to society therefore is suspect and they serve no purpose. Society is a collective of individuals, of groups. It is not a physical thing that can be held - it is a social construct in that people choose to come together to live within a system of rules. Rules are essential for order, for justice and for development to assure society of a better future. Those who are damaging this system and serve no greater purpose other than themselves while harming others in their quest are a risk to have in society as they put the system in jeopardy. The moral practice of individuals and groups, including corporations ensure the continuity of society by keeping justice...

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