Philosphy: Fallacies: Ad Hominen And False Cause

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Fallacy 1: ad homimen
Donald Trump posted a YouTube video offering President Obama $5 million dollars to produce his collegiate records and individual passport application (O’Connor, C., 2012). When contacted by Forbes magazine in response to this offer, Trump professed that the offer was extended due to the voters knowing so very little about the president’s personal background. Further stating, his motives were in the best interest of President Obama based on the current state of suspicion surrounding his presidency and this would all questions to rest (O’Connor, C., 2012). This is an example of the ad hominem reasoning fallacy and how the persuader focuses on personally attacking the ...view middle of the document...

, 2014). As an example of false cause logic, gun confiscations are wrong and gun registration is wrong (Minister, F., 2014). As concluded from the article, a conclusion is drawn based on a falsely created mutual reliance between the two statements. Therefore, it represents a non-credible correlation by improperly relating registration with confiscation as both wrong (Woodard et al., 2014, p. 95). The example underscores the importance of fact discernment and accurately identifying believable correlation (Woodard et al. 2014, p. 95).
Fallacy 3: non-sequitur
When outcomes are in direct conflict with stated logic the end result is non sequitur (Woodard et al., 2014, p. 97). As concluded from a Forbes political article, the potential consequence of Putin’s behavior is non-sequitur creating confusion due to the lack of consistency (Satell,G., 2014) His stated Eurasian ideology motives are based on an autocratic leadership (Satell, G. 2014). Putin’s leadership style is driven by the goal of dictatorship based on the notion of building a stronger region (Satell, G., 2014). Many in the international community noted his observed behavior as just not rational (Satell, G. 2014). As indicated by the potential end result of his actions not matching his expressed reasoning and creating confusion with international leaders. The future effect of his leadership behavior is predicted to be catastrophic for Russia and the Ukraine as well as Putin’s leadership (Satell G., 2014). The potential end result of Putin’s behavior is non sequitur demonstrating extreme incapability with reasoning and logic (Woodard et al., 2014, p. 95).
Fallacy 4: circular argument
Circular arguments repeat the same claim (Woodson et al., 2014, p. 96). For example, the Airline Canada advertising slogan “World class, worldwide” represents this idea in the most simplistic form ( Other airline slogans that appeared to start with good reasoning but again repeats the same idea are the “Virgin Airline, more experience than our name suggests” and “American Airlines, doing what we do best” ( Circular arguments utilized in political arguments can simply shorten the debates and discussions by focusing on assertions that appear to undisputed (Woodard et al., 2014, p. 96). For example, when looking back at the Iraq war in 2013,...

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