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Has your cell phone ever gone off in class during a test or when the teacher was teaching? Mobile devices have been accessible all around the world for the past 10 years, but neither school officials nor the legislators have yet come to a clear resolution on allowing students to use them at school. This led to more unsolved issues and debates concerning the use of cell phones. Cell phones were invented to be able to connect to families and friends in an instant across the world. Permitting students to have cell phones on school grounds, parents are able to call or text their children to see how they are doing in school and vice versa. Allowing students to use their cell phones at school is beneficial such that it provides instant communication and convenience, personal safety, and can even be a learning tool.
Having a cell phone at school is convenient for both students and parents. Although most parents hope they will never come to this, but sometimes something happens and they need to get in touch with their child while they are in class. It could be because of an accident, a family emergency, or a death in the family that may need his or her attention. Sometimes, it could even be over small matters like pick up your brother or sister on the way home, or I am not able to pick you up afterschool today (Kwan). Having a cell phone at school can be handy and useful to both parties, when there is a need for re-scheduling after-school activities, or when there is a change in family plans. No matter what the reason is, having a cell phone will allow for an easier and faster way of communicating. When parents are able to get in touch with their child, they wouldn't have to look up the school's number and call to have the office staffs deliver the message in which then the office staff will either call the student to the office during class time or call the classroom telephone interrupting the teacher. However, there is always the possibility that the child's cell phone goes off in class and ends up disrupting the teacher while she is teaching. Either way, it seems that there will be some sort of disruption to the class. Whether it comes from the office staff or from the cell phone, the child knows how to use the phone responsibly, by turning it on silent or vibrate then disrupting the class can be avoided. By allowing students to have cell phones on school grounds and using it responsibly, it can save everybody time and disruption (Shaw).
All parents worry about their children's safety, especially when something happens at school like bomb threats or shootings. It has been stated that most bomb threats called in to schools were made through cell phones and they are nearly impossible to be traced by the public safety officials. So in terms of students' safety at school, cell phones have not been allowed at school. Officials believe that the student's use of cell phones during a bomb threat presents a risk of potentially detonating the bomb ("Cell Phone...

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