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AbstractThe internet technology and its feasibility have increased rapidly and many individuals are regularly using internet for making online transactions in the form of shopping, bill payments and trading etc. The huge customer demand with the hassle free services offered in online sites allowed many customers to opt and use online process for different daily needs. At this particular situation, the hackers has made an advanced step and created phishing attacks over online sites like e-commerce sites, shopping sites, online banking sites, online company sites and online trading sites.Phishing attacks are the type of security attacks where the personal information of the user will be hacked ...view middle of the document...

There are many techniques designed to identify the financial frauds done on the user of internet that are using various services like banking and online business deals. The criminals are aiming user details to get from the enhanced services provided by internet and some of daily activities performed in internet like banking, online shopping and entertainment functions. The user utilizes these services to get the information that is valuable and very important for the user. Besides the more number of expected threats the other three criteria in which criminals using benefits are following (Jagatic, 2006).Figure1: Phishing Attacks StepsReference: of threats in user: The most of the user are not aware of online threat and personal information will be provided to the criminal due to unawareness and proper knowledge of securing information leads to phishing. The user mostly does not consider any precautions while conducting online activity.Unawareness of online policy: The phishing scandals occur on the user due to unawareness of organizational rules and...

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1573 words - 6 pages . (2007), Google keeps a continuous update of the URLs blacklist and experts usually examine the blacklist so that continued security is maintained to the Firefox users. In 2005, Google released an antiphishing extension called Google Safe Browsing which when enabled helps in providing safe browsing without risks of phishing attacks (Mozillawiki, 2007). It is essential that any cloud provider establishes and maintains good risk management

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1082 words - 4 pages ). Understanding voice over internet protocol (voip). Retrieved from Edwards, J. (2007, January 11). Voip scams, phishing, and denial of service attacks. Retrieved from Harper, Allen; Shon Harris; Jonathan Ness; Chris Eagle; Gideon Lenkey; Terron Williams (2011-01-12). Gray Hat Hacking The Ethical Hackers Handbook, 3rd Edition

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