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Phl 521 Ethics Class Chapter Eleven Decision Scenario E "Hide The Wedding Ring" This Is A Case Study On Women In The Workplace And Some Of The Struggles They Encounter.

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(Bullet One) I do not think that it is practical for women to remove their wedding rings when going to a job interview. However, based on the unfortunate hidden barriers that still exist for woman in the workplace, I do think that removing the ring could be a good strategy when going to a job interview. By removing the ring, it may make it a little harder for an employer to stereotype the woman being interviewed. Especially if the employer has a preference to hire only single woman. On page 455, the author of our text discusses that preferential treatment is wrong because the only thing that should matter is the individual's qualifications. In addition, the strategy of taking off the ring may not be the most honest way to do things. But, vice versa, do you think that the employer that is discriminating will honestly say "we don't want to hire you because of your gender or marital status?" No! Therefore, sometimes one must "swim with the sharks."(Bullet Two) I think the best public policy approach to this marital discrimination problem is for employers to make it a practice not to ask information pertaining to the marital status of potential employees. This would help employers avoid being accused of unlawful practices such as discrimination. I think a good practice for employers to follow is to not ask about any characteristic of the applicant that the law prohibits the employer from considering in making hiring decisions. The only reason that I think an employer should ask is if the company has an anti-nepotism policy which prohibits spouses or family members...

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