Phoenix's Love Essay

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"Wright, you cannot be serious about this. I have never considering you having these types of feelings for me. I do hope this isn't some sort of trick Larry put you up to." He eyed Phoenix questionably, watching intently for any sign of this being an act. It was possible he was imagining it, but Phoenix did not look like he was joking. The slumped posture--even more than usual--and the eyes looking everywhere but him. They appeared to be moist. Appeared. Which meant that it could still be his imagination, but each second of silence was rising the doubt meter another notch. "Wright?" He said the name softly, as if afraid of hurting his friend albeit rival.

"I'm sorry, Edgeworth," came the small answer as Phoenix stepped forward, closer to him. Phoenix's cheeks were flushed from the embarrassment of everything that had happened and it took more courage than he would admit to give Edgeworth any kind of a response, for it was all too obvious the prosecutor could never share the feelings he had. However, he would no longer deny them and he had made the resolution to inform Edgeworth, lest he do something rash that he might regret, and that Edgeworth might as well. His head rose to make a final statement. "I love you."

That was what set it off. Not only the knowledge that Phoenix was truly in love with him, but that he really was affected that strongly. Why did he have to be such an open book? Once glance would tell you the way he was waiting to take the blow of rejection and that he would try to take it gracefully, but most likely end up crying beside his bike for a few hours. How unbearable it was to see that unveil with your own eyes, or to know full well what's going on. He could not allow his friend to carry on in that manner. It wasn't doing any good to either of them.

"Wright," he sighed, laying his hands on both sides of Phoenix's cheeks. They were wet, he noticed with a surge of renewed realization. "Wright, look at me." He waited patiently until the attorney's eyes met his painfully, fresh tears bulging from them. A whisper of a smile was placed on Edgeworth's lips and remained as they opened to speak. "I love you."

Phoenix's eyes widened in both astonishment and disbelieving, but Edgeworth's firm gaze didn't falter for a second, nor did his hands stray from their spot, awaiting a reaction from him. A single teardrop fell from each eye, his fingers wrapping around yet unmoving wrists. He couldn't believe he went there looking like a fool and what he got out of it was the last thing he had been expecting. His cheeks...

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