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Bianca Isabelle M. Cadiz 1-BS LfSciLit Midterm Paper- E33 January 23, 2014"There's nothing like photographs that bring back old memories." Photographs, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary, is a picture made using a camera, in which an image is focused onto film or other light-sensitive material and then made visible and permanent by chemical treatment, or stored digitally. The story defined photographs as something that holds old memories and brings it back. Nothing in the definitions mention that photographs may cause trouble. Yet, in the story, Memories of Lily Colored Photographs, Jung Mi-Kyung presented photographs as something malignant that causes the conflict of the story. She was able to turn simple photos and memories into something atrocious and even destructive. The story portrays how the consequences of loneliness affect the narrator and reliving past memories through printing photographs just because he was going through nostalgia can bring various repercussions to other people as well, especially if the person had probably changed over the course of time. The man harmlessly printed some old photographs but it affected other people and brought about different consequences.The author presented the narrator, Lee, in a way that she is trying to make us feel sympathetic towards him but at the same time, the author showed how he was self-centered. The narrator kept on repeating the words "lonely" and "despair" to describe his life. The narrator revealed that he was unable to find the job and money to print the photographs and he only lived in an unheated basement with water drops dangling from the ceiling and walls (Paragraphs 2-3). He lacked money that may be considered one reason for his loneliness. Ever since, money was already important to people. No matter what generation or where the story takes place, money was a need. Lack of money can cause a person to be lonely and in despair. Other than that the narrator says "Things haven't gotten worse for me since last year, other than excruciating attacks of loneliness from time to time" (Paragraph 14). In paragraph 17, the narrator realized that his loneliness was the same loneliness an abandoned child might feel. The narrator's loneliness makes the readers feel solicitous towards his character. He also mentioned that he was a loser. "Aren't most losers like this? If they're scolded, they want to kick something for no reason; if they're praised, they try harder to prove themselves … I've changed more inside than on the outside. I've realized that if you want to be loved you have to be willing to apologize first" (Paragraph 9). The author introduced the protagonist in a forlorn manner because she was trying to make us see how the photographs impacted his life after he printed it. It gave the narrator a feeling of euphoria and nostalgia at the same time. He felt euphoric because he got to talk to his ex-girlfriend and he remembered the happy memories happening in those...

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3078 words - 12 pages , others argue against that by stating that there are some points in certain photographs that elude analysis (Rose, 2001: 82). I agree with the latter and believe that there are some things in a photograph that escape the objective, analytical scrutiny and yet, leave an impact on its viewer.John Tagg and Roland Barthes, respectively, represent the two unique schools of thought pertaining to the analysis of photographs using semiology. John Tagg is an

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623 words - 3 pages independence. The symbols that can be seen in the photo are as followed: my smile, showing excitement for the college experience, UNT hat, twin bed, small desk, blank white walls, and unpack and disorganized stuff. My photographs represent my educational life while the Mughal Akbarnama represents the emperor’s life. The Mughal Akbarnama shows the emperor as powerful and skills in hunting; my pictures just show myself at different ages getting ready for a major life event or change. Also, my pictures are modern photographs while the Mughal Akbarnama is full of centuries old paintings. However, both my pictures and the paintings function as memories.

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1347 words - 5 pages memory, represent a method of preserving memories, document important moments and confirm social relationships and fact of belonging’ (Tobiassen, 1990). When photographs are stored in albums the process ‘resembles the writing of family history’ (Tobiassen, 1990), and are thus a resource constituting an important mnemonic aid in the construction of a family narrative, although Tobiassen omits any thought that the photograph album is probably the

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Photographs Essay

1929 words - 8 pages Bianca Isabelle M. Cadiz 1-BS LfSciLit Midterm Paper- E33 January 23, 2014"There's nothing like photographs that bring back old memories." Photographs, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary, is a picture made using a camera, in which an image is focused onto film or other light-sensitive material and then made visible and permanent by chemical treatment, or stored digitally. The story defined photographs as something that holds old

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