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Photographs As A Media Tool Essay

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Photographs have been used to snapshot moments of our lives, so that we may never forget beautiful moments in them, such as marriage, graduation, ceremonies… but with the media becoming so predominant in our world today, photographs are being used to bring in evidence about factual incidences occurring all around the world. People now marvel about the terrorism found in pictures. The most powerful tool in human hands today is media, but we cannot always count on it being true, because pictures are not perfect, they tend to be very emotionally concealed, because they don't show the entire truth, and that is a lie. In this essay, the focus will be on the anti of the pictures provided instead of what is shown. The media point of view will be taken, and then refuted to show how the media can mislead people.Take into consideration the picture of the Iraqi prisoner at Abu Ghraib. Footage of him being sexually and physically molested, then murdered was delivered to an Arabic television network. This network showed it to the world, but Western media did not show it the same way, it showed what the United States will do to stop it from reoccurring. But the American people do not know how big of an issue this was, because they are too busy being abducted and controlled by all the delusional media in their own society that bars them from keeping up with the outrageous issues going on in the world. This way media is being used to mislead people and keep them away from what is really going on.To take another perspective consider the picture of the toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue in Firdos, now to many people in the world, the emotional effect of it is so strong because they believe that the events that lead to the toppling have in fact freed the Iraqi people from the clutch of a dictator. This is a one sided opinion, because many Iraqi people live in regret. Even though Saddam Hussein was a dictator in what the media showed, Iraqi people wish that he could come back to rule them everyday, because they have to live with incidents such as the Abu Ghraib one, and not being able to work, and much more everyday. The western media does not deliver images of large multinational organizations...

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