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What is your most valued photo? Is it in a frame that you look at every day? Or is it sitting in a box tucked away from your eyes? Do you have it hiding in a photo book that can stir up memories whenever you open it up? It may even be on a computer or as your wallpaper on your phone. Photography has been used for many decades capturing memories from a breath-taking experience to a memorable event. With the camera evolving, it has allowed a single person to capture a shot as a favorite hobby or job, and can be used to communicate to the society about an important action.
The very first camera invented was just a wooden box. Evolving into so much more, a photograph can now be captured from a ...view middle of the document...

In 1930, around one billion photos were taken. Currently, a new research taken in 2011 showed that a whopping 380 billion photos were captured (Good).
“Digital cameras are now ubiquitous- it is estimated that 2.5 billion people in the world have a camera” (Good). Looking at tremendous amount of cameras around the world, on average one person a week takes an average of 51-100 pictures in one week (Rowse).
Take a second to think about what photography can do to help an individual. It can capture important parts of people’s lives and can save memories forever. An important role a camera can have is giving someone a career. An estimated 136,000 people in the United States alone are photographers (Bureau of Labor Statistics). They can be useful for scientists in research showing new discoveries and “led to the innovation of brain scanning and assessing human anatomy” (Taliana). A very important role of just a tiny photo can help someone with Alzheimer’s or other memory defect. “Family heirlooms, old photos or old songs from ones teen years may be comforting to them and should be kept handy. Sometimes these mementos remind them of fun times and friends” (Heilman). Another effective way to use a photo is using it for advertisements. Every billboard that someone may see is made from a simple picture. Many popular products are advertised through pictures or digital technology.
Pictures taken from decades ago can help researchers to see changes in landscapes, cities, and even how people have changed over the years. For example, the Great Depression showed the devastation of the homeless and poverty-stricken families, along with displaying a sight of what soup kitchens, farm foreclosures, and workers from the Civilian Conservation Corps (Rosenberg).
Ways to communicate have rapidly changed over the years. In the 1800’s, the only way to communicate was by letters, and even then, it was not an easy process to send out mail-especially to a faraway place. A photo in 1826 required burning a permanent image using a process called heliography (The First Photograph), which is where you produce a photoengraving on a metal plate coated with an asphalt preparation (Heliography). More recently, we are able to know about a school shooting in a different state within seconds, or be informed who won the Super Bowl the minute it happens.
Lastly, websites have very immediate news right on hand. “70% of online news users have visited news sites a few times a day (Bradshaw). New social sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram let a single person to virtually view moments...

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