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Photography And The Impact Of The Photography On Art

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What is photograph and photographyIn dictionary meaning photograph can be defined with the words of Metin SÖZEN: "An image which is stabilized on sensitive card through a system of lenses." In a narrow sense we can define photograph as above. However the real meaning of photograph is started with its functionality and artistic frameworks. The activities carried out in science fields such as geography, medicine, astronomy or etc are made for the science. Through photograph on the other hand we can convey the true and real images in a documentary and precious way."No doubt, photograph is documentation. Photograph actuality films and the documentary films have the feature of projecting the reality when they are taken. Hence, photograph is depicting the realest facts and records them into the history. In this respect today's photographers whether good or bad, might be considered as historians in some sense. The photograph is a documentary and information based art. Some artists however, explain the photograph in more simple patterns. Haluk AKGÖL, a photograph expert defines the photograph as follows: "Light, camera (photograph machine and film comes together and stabilizes an image, which is called photograph."In his book titled "Fotograf" published in February 1981 another prominent photograph master ibrahim demirel defines the term "Photograph" as: "Photograph is an image generating method based on the opposite depiction of the objects by means of a machine with the help of light and chemicals."Sümer ERYILMAZ argues that: "Photograph is an impound event on a particular place by using various tools and materials. Photograph is the combination of the words of Photos (Light) and Graph (graphic)."One of the most important elements in the occurrence of photograph is the person who pushes the release button. In order to create a well formed photograph this person should have some necessary qualifications. The photographer or namely the photograph artist must design all the processes before and during photographing.If the photograph artist does not identify with the photograph the work to be produced will not be productive. "Everybody can take photos, even a robot is able to, and however, not ever body has observation skill. When observation art is used the photograph becomes art, gains interpretation. Observation is indeed a poetic formation."Considering the informative, documentary based feature, instructive characteristics and composition of the photograph it can be considered as an art. As it is stated earlier for each of the motion the photograph should have sufficient knowledge and identify with the photograph.In direction with these concerns the photograph can be considered as an art. Güler ERTAN suggests that "photograph is an art just because photograph is projecting the modern life in a comprehensive, real and aesthetic way, it also a tool which can express the thoughts, emotions, concepts, dreams and symbols to the people...

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