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Photoshop In Business And Society Essay

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Businesses have countless applications for the computer software known as Photoshop. The software is such an integrated part of society that businesses and scholarly articles assume people have prior knowledge of what it is and what it does. Photoshop is defined by Oxford as trademarked digital image-editing software to alter photographic images. It is an industry standard for digital graphics and has many applications to various businesses and media. Lev Manovich wrote in Inside Photoshop that to count up the number of options in Photoshop and then count all the options each option subsequently contains, that the total number of options the software allows for would be in the thousands. Professionals in media, education, research, and many businesses utilize the software. However, there is controversy surrounding the use of Photoshop in advertisements that edited models to unrealistic levels, because of the impact those images have on society. Nonetheless, Photoshop is widely used and has revolutionized business and integrated into many industries not limited to media or photography.
Photoshop has a brief history since it has only been around for almost three decades. At the end of the 1980s, it was beginning to be developed as a way of procrastination by Thomas Knoll, a University of Michigan graduate student and doctoral candidate in computer vision. Knoll was trying to write programming code to display gray-scale computer images on a black-and-white bitmap monitor as told by Jeff Schewe in his PEI magazine story The Birth of a Killer Application: 10 Years of Photoshop. The code was called “Display” and Knoll was writing it on a Mac Plus computer as a diversion from his doctoral work. Since it did not directly relate to his thesis, Knoll thought it had limited value at best. Later, he and his brother, John, worked together on the program that would be known as the first venison of Photoshop. John worked in the movie industry and had some connections, so and by 1988 the Knoll brothers thought they had a marketable product and made a deal with Fred Mitchell, head of Adobe Acquisitions. The first official release of Photoshop 1.0 was in 1990 (Schewe). In its first ten years, by the time version 5.5 was released, Photoshop was already a major hit. Adobe’s stocks tripled when Adobe released In Design and Photoshop as a bundled package, which likely allowed for the additional expansions that came soon after. “Photoshop is the best-selling pixel editing program on the planet. It is the standard of many industries and has been a huge revenue source for Adobe Systems Inc.” (Schewe). The market and the technology grew exponentially, so much so that the product was not only used by studios and official publications of the media industry, but also by many other types of companies, and average people not seeking to profit from it.
Photoshop introduced a new set of skills, hobbies, and professional careers to modern society that are not limited to...

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