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Hello, And Welcome To The Wonderful World Of PHP Programming! PHP (Hypertect Preprocessor) Is A Quite Easy Language To Write, After You Get To Know What You Are Doing, Just Like Everything In Life! Here Are Some Simple Scripts To Help To Get You On Your Way To Mastering The Language!The Following Code Will Display ...view middle of the document...

php")echo"hello";?>Yet Again, You Can Spice It Up With A Little HTML...But You Know How To Do That Right?**PLEASE NOTE**NEVER USE "'S IN AN ECHO OR PRINT!!EXAMPLE:include("hello.php")echo"Hello";?>The Above One Is Wrong..This Is Right:include("hello.php")echo"Hello";?>Next, we can use variables. you can assign a number/sentence/letter to a VARIABLE$greeting="hey whats up you";this will display 'hey whats up yo' with one simple word, and you can use it in many spots!there is a quick, yet simple few codes for php. hope you like it!

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955 words - 4 pages ]. (n.d.) XML the markup language part 1. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 04 Feb 2012]. (2009) Procedural Vs object-oriented programming . [online] Available at: [Accessed: 04 Feb 2012].

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631 words - 3 pages you need in your web development. Java Java is a must learn for any web developer. Programming can be difficult to learn when you need to switch languages for different aspects of the development. Java, however, is versatile and allows a programmer to take their ideas from one platform to another with simple transitions. This makes Java a vital tool that a web developer needs to know. PHP PHP is a vastly popular, server-side, open source

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