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Company has handled all of its expenses for the sake of stakeholders. The most common financial objective of modern commercial corporations is the sustainable creation of shareholder value. This can be achieved only by providing shareholders with a total return, from capital growth and dividend yield that exceeds their risk-adjusted required rate of return for this particular investment. However, for most companies, the current share price already reflects some expected future growth in profits. Thus, these current investors and, even more particularly, potential future shareholders, are trying to assess whether the proposed business strategies of the company will produce sufficient growth in sales revenues and profits, both to support the current share price and existing dividend payments and to drive the capital growth that they want to see in the future. NFP is an organization that focuses on the social impact venture business and there is more concern about the organizational focus on the social entrepreneur role. A social entrepreneur is liable to fulfill the needs of the society and social persons under observation of this consideration. Marketing is based upon marketing mix after marketing strategy and marketing research. Marketing research will base upon the people who are suffering from flood and its results. In case there will be many people deprived due to flood, a list of sub groups will be developed.
Furthermore marketing mix can be used in order to get desired results. Marketing mix will have place, promotion, price and products. Prices are not considered in this organizational set up as there will be working on the basis of nonprofit motive. Promotion will include advertising and all other sorts of promotion that will be beneficial for nonprofit organization. Environment has intrinsic value as intrinsic value is the value that any company has for its assets. It can be market value and investor’s value in the market. Environmental values can be stated as intrinsic values as it varies with passage of time according to customer’s valuation of organization’s products and services. Environmental factors include various issues related to pollution, health, and safety of society. Health issues can be minimized according to compliance with health societies and policies designed by country. Child and employees safety during, and after working hours is employer’s responsibility.
It is of major focus for firms to get their stakeholders committed and retained. Most important stakeholder of an entrepreneur is its employee. Corporate Social Responsibility has made it possible to feel employees secure and assure them that firm care for their benefits and well wishes in order to enhance their level of commitment and performance as well. Now a day, firms have introduced CSR activities to win public confidence in their products and services and indirectly employee’s trust in their organization.
Society’s expectations are not limited up to only...

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