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I was tired after thirteen plane rides, seven train rides and visits with dozens of relatives. We were finally home, and I was able to reflect on our trip. A trip, a life changing event, that marked in my mind my transition from childhood to adulthood. My travels visiting family and friends in Asia Minor and Europe took me to Belgium, France, Italy, Turkey and Greece. This experience of seeing another part of the world, meeting so many people and being responsible played a big role in changing my young inexperienced perspective of the world.
I had wanted to meet my cousins in Turkey and Europe for as long as I could remember. A trip to attend a cousin’s wedding was cancelled because our flight was scheduled for the day after 9/11. There were other obstacles that prevented us from going for many years. Looking back, it all worked out for the best; I probably would not remember the details of the trip if it had happened when I was younger. On this trip, I learned about my cousins’ countries and cultures. I stayed in relatives’ homes and visited museums, cathedrals, ancient ruins and beaches. I tried foods I never would have considered eating before. Traveling between countries was as easy as traveling between states in America. Finally, I understood how my Italian grandmother came to be raised in Izmir, Turkey. I even attended a family friend’s Greek wedding. OPA!! During this time, I had responsibilities I had never had before: getting to planes and trains on time, being responsible for my things and my little brother, and even feeling the sense of representing America because I was the American cousin. I felt like I was finally acting like an adult.
Another area where I grew during this trip was in my interaction with people. I was very nervous about meeting my relatives, especially my cousins who were my...

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