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Physical Abuse, Physiological Abuse, And Essay

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In Alice Walker’s book The Color Purple, she was portraying the life that African American women had to go through daily. The books tells a story about how black men would mistreat black women; sexual and physical abuse (Kauffmann). The Color Purple’s purpose is to recognize the heartaches, but by telling it in a story form; showing that by writing a story that can be learned from ones suffering (Fiske). According to Fiske, “The Color Purple is continually equated with suffering and pain… described as the color of "eggplant" (Fiske).The women went through physical abuse, mental abuse, and sexual abuse throughout the whole book.
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She learned how to expand her vocabulary and learn the proper way to talk in her time (Grey). Celie makes new relationships with different people throughout her life. She forms a lesbian relationship with a singer named Shug Avery, a relationship with her sister Nettie, and a bond with a woman named Sofia. Shug Avery showed Celie what “love making” was really about, instead of being taken advantage of.(Kauffmann).Celie's interaction with Sophia allows her to talk to someone and express more than just writing in her journal to God (Fiske). The quilt that Celie sews in the book represents the characters and how they are put together to help each other grow and help strengthen themselves (Fiske).
One of the most common forms of abuse that went on through the story was physical abuse. The first altercation started with Mr._ and Celie, he would beat her in front of his kids and would not have any remorse. Mr._ was the “head” in charge of the house and was in control of everything. He mistreated her on a daily base; which she finally got tired of it at the end. Mr._ would beat Celie for many and sometimes no reason. If she cooked the food to long he would beat her, if the kids would cry she would be beaten for that too. On her wedding day her husband cracked her head open with a rock and he watched. Her husband father did not do much but say “Don’t do that” (Walker12). She suffered from physical abuse from Mr._ for most of the time that she lived with him. Men during this time had control over the women and it was perfectly fine for them to beat their wives. Celie is not the only woman who has had to fight her “husband
Sofia was also a lady in the story that got abused by her husband. She was brave enough to lash back. Like Sophia, Ms. Celie, "had to fight ... all my life (42)” (Fiske). Her husband Harpo, tried to have control over her but she thought better of herself and refused to let that happen. Celie did not understand why Sofia did not have to fight in her marriage like her and Mr._ did. Jealous of Sofia, Celie suggested that Harpo do the same thing that Mr._ does to her (Hall). Sofia would not let anything go down without fighting back. Harpo tried to beat her but he did not expect things got worse because she fought back. The way that Sofia acts starts to make Celie relies that she does not have to be treated like this. With Sophia and Celie sharing the same pain and experience, it made it easy for Celie to come close to her and to share things that may have been going on.
Another good example of physical abuse is when he wanted to have sex he would chock her and hurt her to the point that she would cry. When Celie would become pregnant he would take the baby right after she has it and take it to the woods to get kill it (Walker 9). Mr._ accused Celie of winking at a guy in church, she said “I may have got somethin in my eye but I didn’t wink.” (Walker 12). She does not like men because of the way that Mr._ treats her. She thought that men...

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