Physical Attractiveness Is More Important Than Any Other Factors When Looking For A Potential Date

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Physical Attractiveness is More Important Than Any Other Factors When Looking for a Potential Date

This experiment was conducted to test the experimental hypothesis; ‘Physical
attractiveness is more important then any other factors when looking
for a potential date’. The experiment investigated whether physical
attractiveness really is the key factor, which determines a
relationship or not i.e. if the individual is good looking then a
relationship would be formed. The design of the experiment was
independent design. The experimenter conducted a questionnaire, which
included characteristics associated with personality and physical
attractiveness. These questionnaires were then handed out to ten
participants who were from Westminster Kingsway college they were
chosen trough opportunity sampling. Participants had to chose
characteristics that are most important to them and these
characteristics were then grouped into two categories. It was found
that the experimental hypothesis had to be rejected, as results were
not significant enough. The Wilcoxon sign ranks test proved this, as
the significant level was 0.05 and the critical value was <11 at the
stage of ten participant. Thus we had to accept our null hypothesis,
which was “other factor are more important then physical
attractiveness when looking for a potential date”.


One of the most important aspect of psychology and social psychology
is the study of relationships we have with others. Therefore much of
the psychological research into social and interpersonal relationship
has focused on romantic love.

Psychological research has identified a number of factors, which seem
to influence whether we are physically attracted to someone or not.
One of the major determinants of whether we express a wish to develop
a relationship (romantic or platonic) with another person is physical
attractiveness. Other factors include similarity and complementarily,
familiarity and propinquity. There are a number of studies which show
that we react more positively to people that are physically
attractive. In particular we tend to act much more favourably towards
attractive people.

Then these ideas seem to contradict the saying, beauty is in the eye
of the beholder or perhaps it is dictated by fashion i.e. slim women
are portrayed more in the media and fashion business, thus it could be
said that slim women are more pretty. Also according to popular
believe it is love that makes the world go round. However according to
Rubin & NcNiel (1983) liking perhaps, more than loving is what keeps
it spinning.

But in general, it is widely believed that physical attractiveness is
the central point of concern to individuals when contemplating whether
or not to enter a relationship. Therefore it is believed that the more

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