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Physical Castration Is The Most Effective Punishment For Sex Offenders

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In Texas, May 2012 a repeat child sex offender Craig Stephen Hoard was handed seven life sentences. Hoard was convicted of indecency in 1977 and was released for parole from prison in February 2001. Seven days later he was convicted for sex with a child. He served nine years in state prison. Three months after his release from his nine year sentence in 2010 he was arrested again. In June 2010, Police arrested Hoard, finding child porn on his computer and iPod. A video of Hoard was found of him in a restroom stall at a pizza place in Conroe instructing a five year old to expose his genitals. Judge Hamilton could not change what Hoard has done to many children in the past but she can stop ...view middle of the document...

The offender’s mentality changes to the point where they have zero urges of any kind. James Jenkins, a convicted repeat sex offender, who castrated himself while in prison has said, "Castration has done precisely what I wanted it to do." James continues to say, "I have not had any sexual urges or desires in over two years. My mind is finally free of the deviant sexual fantasies I used to have about young girls." James believes that doing so will help him from reoffending. Little annoyances such as a busy work day or sitting in traffic wont set the offender off into an angry rage of emotion. Removing the testes help them to control their emotions. Elizabeth M. Tullio graduated Cum Laude from University of California Irvine with a double major in Criminology and Behavioral Psychology. Tullio attended Chapman university school of Law obtaining her jurist doctorate degree. In a article on Chapman Law Review, Tullio wrote, “Physical castration, or orchiectomy, is a surgical procedure in which a man’s testes are removed. This causes a dramatic drop in the levels of testosterone in the body which severely decreases a man’s sex drive.” The dropping of testosterone levels will change how the offender acts. Their sex drive is dropped greatly, leaving the offender with little to no sexual urges. The surgery leaves the offender feeling calm and not wanting sex. The offender is left feeling comfortable around other people, especially children because the offender has peace of mind. They are able to do everyday things and live a normal life without worrying that something may happen with someone around them. The offender as a human has the right to live a normal life of: shopping, going to the park, and going to see a movie. The surgery leaves the offender and other people around them able to live in peace.
Out of all known punishments for repeat sex offenders, physical castration has the lowest of all recidivism rates. John McMillan, Professor of Bioethics Centre from University of Otago stated in his article The Kindest Cut, A study done in Germany in 1989 by Wille and Beier showed the reoffending rate was way lower with having the surgery and not having the surgery at all. Wille and Beier’s studies showed “ We compared 99 surgically castrated sex offenders and 35 non-castrated sex offenders about a decade after their release from prison, and found that the recidivism rate of castrated offenders was 3%, while the rate for non-castrated offenders was 46%.” Wille and Beiers studies show such a small recidivism rate compared to other studies done. The surgery changes the mentality of the offender so they have not drive fore sex due to the much lower testosterone levels. On average a child sexual offender will stay in jail for at least ten years. Jail becomes a feeding ground for sex offenders because there are no other treatments happening in the prison. So when the offender is released the recidivism rate is very high for that sex offender. According to...

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