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Physical Child Abuse; References, What It Is, Signs, Effects, Solutions,

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PHYSICAL CHILD ABUSEThe issue of child abuse is widespread and affects the individual, the family, and society as a whole. When a child has any signs of violence displayed or placed upon them by someone older they have experienced child abuse. The issue is that people do not recognize the physical abuse as soon as it is occurring, resulting in prolonged problems. Many cases of child abuse remain unknown for various reasons such as fear in the child to be further mistreated (Department Justice of Canada, 1). In 1998, it is estimated that there were 135, 000 investigations of child maltreatment. Results showed that for every 1000 children, 22 had been a victim of child abuse (Department Justice of Canada, 2). Following the rate of child abuse shows that the trend is going up. It is important to take the matter seriously because too many cases of child abuse are left undisclosed and this number will continue to grow.The term physical child abuse refers to the use of violence, or any form of physical mistreatment to a child by anyone who they hold their trust in. It involves using force purposely, resulting in injury or the risk of injury (Department Justice of Canada, 1). Signs of child abuse in their appearance are not usually hard to identify. They include things like, burns fractures, unusual patterns of bruising, etc. There are also internal signs of injury that may be discovered by a doctor (Newton, 4). There are also signs to look for in the child's behaviour, for example, anger, fears, avoiding social contact or seem withdrawn, aggression, depression, hard-to-believe stories about how accidents occurred, school problems or failure, seems afraid of a parent or other adults, self-destructive, etc (Newton, 5). Physical child abuse affects everyone. It directly affects the individual and those surrounding, while indirectly affecting society. The extent of this issue does not just stop there; rather statistics show that it is on the rise.There are no specific causes of child abuse on any given child, but experts believe that child abuse is a result of the inequalities of power between children and adults. The child tends to be the dependant one with limited power (Department Justice of Canada, 3). The individual can experience many effects from the trauma of child abuse. For example, distorting children's thoughts or having to "hide the family secret". This prevents children from having real relationships and has life-long effects. Abused children are deprived of many skills necessary in society. Their entire concept of a relationship is distorted. This leads to...

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1139 words - 5 pages this happen all the time. More than four children die every day from child at the hand of an abuser. The statics keep increasing year after year in a never ending cycle. The primary effects of child abuse against children are psychological disorders, injuries, and fatality. A report of child abuse is every ten seconds. National data is likely to underestimate the amount of children who died from child abuse. So why is the full information so unclear? Maybe because thousands of cases go unreported every day. Child abuse is a serious case and needs to stop! Do not pretend as if it is not happening, do not be a bystander, be a voice.

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1018 words - 4 pages scars, but it can also be deadly. The crisis of avoidable child abuse or morality cannot be over looked. This problem needs to stop. Most abused and neglected children never come to the attention of the authorities. All though there may be no physical signs of harm, there is typically intense shame and secrecy maintained. Even adults, who know of the abuse, fear destroying a family (Hopper). Due to these two statements, we need some surefire solutions for this ever-growing problem. The possible solutions are often a 1-800 number, or teaching loyalty to their students, a period of time behind bars for offenders, and educating grades first through fifth on the problem.

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1434 words - 6 pages affect the physical, intellectual, and emotional growth of the child. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month (Child Abuse: An American Epidemic). It is a time organizations try to make the public aware that there are children being abused everyday. It is not the only time they make it aware to the public, they do it all year long. During this month organizations try to educate people on how to bring healing to those who are being abused

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728 words - 3 pages stayed on forever. Another one of the lasting effects that child abuse has on children is the assumption that they are worthless or damaged. When they are young and there is an image put into there had over and over again about how they are worthless, then it’s almost impossible for them to forget about it. Even as they grow older those things stay in their heads and often lead to them having trouble regulating their emotions. This means that even

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