Physical Condition's Effects On The Adult Learner In The Foreign Language Classroom

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Physical Condition's Effects on the Adult Learner in the Foreign Language Classroom

The physical condition is one of the conditions that affects the adult learner in second/foreign language classroom. This condition consists of physical changes that occurs in adults that have implications for adult learning. It affects mostly the brain and the heart. Adult education can add stress on them, they can start smoking or drinking, and sometimes it can cause heart attacks because they have trouble meeting with sudden and abrupt changes. A lot of other factors can deteriorate the adult health. These factors can reduce the level of learning. There are also roles; family roles, work roles, community roles and leisure time roles. The family roles are a major factor in adult learning. Financial pressures, growing kids, adjustments of marriage are often prioritised over learning situations. Learning a second language can be a valuable opportunity in work roles. It can lead to a promotion or increase earnings and it gives a more positive self-image. Community roles consist in the involvement of the adult in his community. The amount of time that community roles require will often reduce the time available for continuing education. On the other hand, the learning of leadership and group dynamics is essential to successful involvement. Leisure time roles can allow using media in adult education but on the other hand, if leisure activities are not placed in a schedule, they can take over the time for learning. The psychological condition is another condition that affects the adult learner in second/foreign language classroom. As the adult grows older, the pressure and stress take over. The suicide rate increases with age. The period that adult are living in is called adulthood. “This period is a period of growth, change, adaptation and expansion.” In this condition, we can find the achievement motive which consists of the drive to work, to earn money, to own property and to maintain and gain status. The expansion motive consists of the increase of awareness of one’s self and the environment. The affiliation motive consists of the human need to interact with others. And the security motive consists of the feelings of safety, love, respect and self-confidence. The last condition is the adult learning ability. In this condition, the level of participation in adult education shows that the adults continue learning throughout life. Adult learning takes time, effort, application, practice, questioning, discussion and evaluation. As long as adults are motivated to learn and that they aren’t afraid, they can learn anything.
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The three types of general teaching methods that I have chosen are games, presentations and discovery. Why did I choose these types of teaching? Well, first of all, the game method really interests me because I think that learning and having fun are two things that go well together. To use to the game method, the...

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