Physical Education: Improving The World Essay

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Many people in the world do not get a sufficient amount of exercise every day. Exercise is a way to ensure the health of one’s body and provide the necessary care to the body that it needs. Everyone can benefit from being a physically active person. Having physical education classes in schools for students will help promote getting the right amount of exercise. Students should be required to take a physical education class every day of the week during school because of the physical and mental health benefits that it provides.
Having Physical Education classes will help students build strong bones and muscles. Physical education increases “muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, ...view middle of the document...

E. in School”). If schools have mandatory physical education class every day, it will significantly reduce the amount of overweight or obese students and make the world a healthier place. It is shocking that “68% of Americans were either obese or overweight in 2012” (“Benefits of P.E. in School”). Living with the body at an unhealthy weight can cause the body to develop many serious diseases. Physical Education classes will help the body fight against these diseases, and get the body back to a healthy state. Physical activity controls weight, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, decreases the risk of type two diabetes, various cancers, high blood pressure, and increases the chance of having a longer life (“Benefits of P.E. in School”). If students start having Physical Education classes every day of the week, they will ensure the health of their bodies and live a healthier lifestyle. Exercising every day during school will not only protect their bodies, but it will also improve their self-image and attitude they have about life.
Physical Education during school will also reduce the anxiety and depression that students have. Many students say that their number one cause of stress is school (“Physical Activity Reduces Stress”). Having Physical Education classes every day of the week during school can easily eliminate the stress that school causes for students. Stress is impossible to completely eliminate, but exercising is one of the best ways to manage stress. Stress affects the brain, as well as the rest of the body (“Physical Activity Reduces Stress”). The students do not get to achieve the academic success that they are fully capable of because the stress affects the way they work and think. Physical exercise produces chemicals in the brain that kill the pain that stress causes...

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