Physical Education Should Be Graded On Effort, Not Ability

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How would you feel if you were judged on your physical abilities and just because you were not as fast or strong as the other people you got punished for it? This is how certain kids may feel during gym class. Physical education was first influenced in the late 1700s to the mid- 1800s by three nations, Germany, Sweden, and England. German immigrants who supported a strong system of gymnastics training introduced the Turner Societies. They used heavy equipment including a side horse as well as parallel and horizontal bars. The Swedish threw in their part by having a system of exercise promoting health through performance with light equipment such as wands and climbing ropes. The English however brought sports and games to America through physical activities and participation. These three nations influenced sports and physical education foundations in America. We all know the importance of physical activity and health not in just America, but around the world. Having a special class devoted to physical education is a great thing when taught the right way. Physical education should be graded on the students’ effort and improvement in class, not just their physical ability.
While it is true that teachers have to have set scores to grade off of, physical education should be graded on effort and improvements. Not every student is a star athlete. Not every kid can run under a seven-minute mile. Physical education teachers have a set time kids need to reach on the physical fitness tests. It may be that kids have to get less than a seven-minute mile time, or do a certain amount of pull-ups and sit ups to get an A. There are kids out there who may be good at art or singing, but aren’t physically talented. These kids try their hardest to receive
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that certain score just so they can get an A, but because they are not good at it, they get a bad grade. All kids have different physical abilities, but that does not mean the faster or stronger ones work harder than the other kids.
Even though teachers set up their lesson plans to help students improve physically, others believe it is not helping. If teachers do the physical fitness test in the beginning of the year, do other things to help “improve” scores, then do the test again at that end of the year, there should be significant changes in most students scores. When only playing dodge ball, floor hockey, or other gym class games, it does not do much to improve their physical abilities. You cannot punish kids by giving them bad grades because scores are low or are not improving when teachers are not doing enough to help the scores go up.
Although some teachers believe they are creating fun for the kids picking their own teams, one can argue that gym can be another form of kids feeling bullied. We all know how embarrassed you would feel if you were picked last on a team in class in front of all your friends. Kids can feel that gym is just another place to get...

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