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Physical Education Teacher Essay

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Physical Education Teacher
The process of becoming a physical education teacher is a persistent process that requires a little more dedication than a regular teacher. Becoming any type of teacher in the field of education takes diligence and dedication. The requirements of becoming a physical education teacher are rigorous and very time consuming. The requirements may also involve many physical and psychological activities and multiple class requirements in both fields.
To become a physical education teacher it takes a four year college degree in health and physical education. ( A) While at a four year college some examples of ...view middle of the document...

html)(Source D) It is recommended that the teacher knows about the different types of physical activities such as rock climbing, tennis, running, and basketball. The university attended should help with learning and conducting many of these activities. Coaching experience is also a valuable attribute to have. Also having experience working with youngsters is good training. It’s recommended that PE teachers volunteer at a local Boys/Girls club, YMCA’s, and Special Olympics while in college to get used to being around kids and others.
The annual salary for a PE teacher depends on what state the teacher resides. In Ohio the annual salary for PE teachers is $37,000 a year compared to the annual salary for a PE teacher in California $41,000. ( E) The pay of a physical education teacher should be the same as the other teachers in the school. This also depends on the state that the teacher teaches in. In Western Australian public schools PE teachers can expect to make $53,954 in their first year. With each additional year of experience this salary increases, until their fourth year, when they can earn $84,863. These figures may vary for teachers working in private schools. ( B)
PE teachers may experience working outdoors and indoors; but this depends on the location of where they work. They work typical school hours but may also have to come in early and leave late to plan lessons and or run extracurricular activities like coaching a sports team. One of the most difficult things in being a PE teacher is finding ways to motivate and engage the young people to participate and move in class. PE teachers may also have to deal with many classes and many students in each class a day. One of the harder challenges of being a PE teacher is staying professional and not getting over heated. They must also teach all students and not show favoritism towards one or more students. A typical school day could start as early as 7 am. This depends on the work place and the grade level being taught when the school day ends. Teachers who interact with students while they are teaching often help the students and the teacher stay physically active. PE teachers need to show a positive attitude toward the kids displayed through their actions. PE teachers need a range of sporting equipment, depending on where you work, to help them with teaching the students. While teaching in a classroom they may use a variety of educational aides, such as white boards, text books, and posters. In most cases they will also need basic computer skills, particularly when compiling reports on a student’s performance or completing report cards. There...

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