Physical Features And Development Levels Essay

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Physical Features and Development Levels
The current development levels of a region can be affected by many variables including the physical features of that region. Physical features can provide with trade routes, natural resources, and can become a tourist attraction. These are all ways that the government could make money that they could invest on better education, roads, etc., therefore allowing the country to be classified under a higher development level than if they didn't have the resources to get the money. Some physical features are also a burden on a country's development levels, rivers can allow trans-boundary pollution which causes the tension between countries since one country is negatively affecting the others useable resources.
Europe has many rivers, seas, and oceans provide a way for goods and ideas to be transported, while also providing a food/water source. In the 16th century the Dvina River was used as a major trade fought between Russia and Europe. People could fish in these bodies of water allowing the region to make money from that. Major cities formed along the Dvina river, since the region was a good place for farmers to trade their goods. Bodies of water also allow for natural barriers to separate a region, making it harder for a country to invade a country that is separated by a large body of water or any other great barrier. Due to this Europe was never controlled by one kingdom/empire this allowed diverse amounts of cultures to be created and made the countries trade their goods. Europe's rivers allowed it to have a slight advantage when it came to utilizing hydropower. Some of the first mechanized industries used the rivers current to power their mechanized process. This allowed for the industrial revolution to start here and it spread via Europe’s many rivers.
Natural resources such as uranium allow for companies to have their supply of uranium ready to be mined just miles away from where they use it. This is very convenient for companies since it reduces travel time and cost. Also the fact that Europe has a lot of uranium to be mined allows for the region to have greater power when the development of nuclear power/weapons comes. Since uranium has so much power it is a very valuable resource that can be traded internationally. Such as the many trade agreements between Canada and the European Union. Letting free trade between countries increases economic activity which allows investment in the further development of those countries.
Thanks to great physical barriers the culture of Europe is diverse allowing for many great locations for tourism to take place. A lot of countries all over the world have their major income come from tourism; tourism in these countries has helped them become more developed than before. Europe has lots of tourist attractions , therefore Europe’s landscape has aided to its development due to the income it provides. However war over valuable land can decrease the amount of tourism...

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