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Good physical health in both children and youth is important for their all round well-being and is a big factor for their later stages of life, as it sets up boundaries and is the creates building blocks for future health, also very important for their development. Physical health is impacted significantly by other aspects of well-being, such as social, mental and emotional wellbeing. So to ensure a good maintained physical health, one has to also maintain a strong state of well-being in generally all aspects. Physical health can easily be manipulated by numerous factors, such as growing up, going through puberty, behavioural changes and sense of influences. As a child physical health is ...view middle of the document...

Low levels of physical activity during the younger years of ones life is evident to be a risk factor for illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, large cause of obesity and type two diabetes.
Current status of child and youth health and wellbeing in Australia
Although the time involved in electronic games is an hour and a half per day, there is still 6 hours of engaged physical activity with is a great percentage for healthy lifestyles. Sadly this diminishes substantially as children get older, with the statistics being squashed to physical activity being an hour and a half and the screen based activity only averaging a terrible 2 hours a day, and as age gets higher the statistics slip even lower. Physical activity is also shown to be lowering by simply checking the pedometer readings of different age groups with the older you get the less steps you take, although the fact of steps being bigger comes into play it still shows that the younger ones are taking more steps in general. What seems to be lowering the want and general physical health is the presence of technology in a child’s life, especially located within their room, which influences one to be confined of their room and lowering involvement in any form of physical activity. Also showing the general physical health of youngsters to be poor, with high percentages of not meeting physical expectations and requirements, and one-third of the population of young people being overweight or classified as obese.

In 2011 and 2012, toddlers and pre-schools (2-4) spent an average of 6 hours per day engaged in physical activity. They also spent almost one and a half hours in the sitting activities of watching TV, or playing electronic games.
Children aged 5 – 17 on average spent one and half hours per day involved in physical activity with physical activity decreasing as age increased and screen based activity increasing instead, with an average of two hours a day.
Walking is shown to decrease as age does too; with the pedometer study showing that on average 9,140 steps were taken daily. Children ages 5 – 11 were more likely to reach 12,000 steps were day compared to 15 – 17 were the least likely to reach 12,000 steps. With a ratio (percentage) of 22:7, 22 being 5-11 year olds, 7 being 15 – 17 year olds.
44% of children and young Australians of the age 2 – 17 had at least one type of screen base item in their room. Three quarters of 15 - 17 year olds had screen based item in their bedroom which associates with spending an added two hours per week compared to those who did not have the capability through the fact they didn’t have that source in their bedroom.
Just over one-third of young people are overweight or obese, and less then half meet physical activity guidelines.
Community that one lives in – can influence the amount of infrastructure in the surroundings, less likely to have parks and recreational areas where physical activity is to take place. Income can also...

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