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Physical Observation Essay

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Januaray 20th I did an observation on a three and a five year old during self-deriected activites. I took notes on everything they said and did. Also i wrote down their physical appearences, physical ablities and how they were simalar and different from one another. I did this for an hour, thirty minutes per child.
The first child was Layla a three year old little girl. Layla was short for her age and also still had some of her baby fat. She was not the best at talking, but she still did pretty good. When i first got there she was playing with a wand and a book. She would wave the wand over the book so the wand would make noise. Layla was trying to do different things with the wand to make it make nosie she tried shaking it, hitting the wand on the floor, and waving it over other objects. No matter where she what she did with the wand it would not make the facanting sound; so she took it across the book again. When it made the sound her face lit up and she continued to do it over and over again. After about eight minutes she decied she did not want to play with that annymore. Layla runs over to the kitchen set and grabs the spatula and starts to wave it around like she did with the wand. As she waves it back and forth she gets a puzzled expretion on her face. Once Layla realizes it is not going to produce sound she picks up the fack meat patty and puts it on the spatula. She balances the patty on the spatula as she walks over to the table to grab the plate. Once Layla had the plate she placed the patty on it. She walks back over to the kitchen set and puts it on the stove and then put the utincle on the rack.Layla picks up the plate and walks it back to the table for her teddy bear to eat. On her way over she drops the patty on the floor. Layla said,"opps, I make a new one," as she picks it up off the ground. Walking back to the kitchen set something her sister has catches her eye. She skips over to her and watches her play with a video game device.
After a short time she drops the plate and leaves her sister to go find some thing else to play with. Layla spots a doll laying on the floor and runs over and picks it up. Has she grabs on to both of the dolls hand it begins to sing ring around the rosie. While the doll sings Layla turns around in a circle and starts to mumble the song. She only played with it for about five minutes before running off to find some new and exciting thing. In no time at all she spots the colorful number blocks sitting on the self. Layla heads in the direction and pulls all the blockes off the self listening to them hit the floor with a loud bang. She starts to place them in rows of three . As she does this she begins to count them. She sort of makes a little song out of it by singing, "one, two, three," and wiggles her body before singing ,"one, two, three," it again. While she plays with the blocks someone drops a pink bag beside her. She notices...

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