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Shape your body by cutting fat and sculpting muscle. Enhance your performance by increasing strength and cardiovascular endurance. The physical training process has been deconstructed, examined, and reconstructed. Needless complexity has been simplified or removed. The resulting system is balanced, thorough, and efficient. Whether you are a complete novice, skilled intermediate, or seasoned expert: Consider this system to be an issued challenge. Take on this challenge. Use the programs. See the results. Feel the results. Achieve your ultimate potential.


Physical training is 90% mental and 10% physical. The most important factor is developing a proper mindset. Your frame of mind guides everything that you do. The right mindset will get you through any challenge. Get your mind right and your body will follow. From this point forward, view physical training as an all or nothing situation. You are either in or out. There is no grey area. The words “I can’t” can no longer be part of your vocabulary. Do not give yourself permission to miss a meal or a training session. Do not make or accept excuses for not following through. There are no excuses. Trust this system. Trust yourself. Follow the programs. Failure is not an option.

Proper action plus proper timing equals desired results. Physical training is a lifestyle that requires commitment, determination, and discipline. If you already eat well and exercise, using this system will feel natural. If you do not already eat well and exercise, using this system will take some adjustment. Commit to your execution of the nutrition and exercise programs. Schedule them and be punctual. Make them your top priority. Any new or different behavior takes continual repetition prior to becoming a consistent long term behavior. Focus and execute. Complete one full 12 week training cycle. By the end of it, you will have developed a new standard routine. Eat properly. Train properly. Perform to your highest capacity. You will succeed.

Strive for perfection. Accept excellence. Envision your perfect body. Visualize your physical presence and performance. Imagine how it feels to be in your peak physical condition. Use this imagery to set your long term goals. The amount of fat that you want to lose, muscle that you want to gain, or physical performance that you want to achieve is specific and unique to you as an individual. The actual timeframe to reach your objectives depends on multiple factors, including your age, body composition, gender, genetic potential, metabolism, physical ability, and the end result that you are working toward. It may take multiple training cycles to meet or exceed your objectives. Regardless of your long term goals, your short term goal should always be to properly complete a full training cycle.

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