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So You Want to Be a Physical Therapist... Finding a career that is just right for you is a tough decision. There are so many different professions to choose from that its really hard to pick just one. Although most people try to steer clear from medical professions there is one that I would like to recommend. I think that a career in physical therapy is a wonderful profession. " One of the great achievements of the physical therapy profession is that physical therapists are no longer ignored(Rothstein par.5)." I'm not saying that the travel to this career will be easy but it is definitely a job to consider if you care deeply for helping others are to dedicated to working hard, willing to learn new things and good at scientific subjects. Physical therapy is such an important profession to get into because "There is such a large demand for physical therapists, and the actual amount is so limited, that employers are beginning to look in other countries for trained professional's" (Rosen, Hegarty par. 3). Physical therapists are so important to society and that alone would get me jumping up and down asking where do I sign up. For a person that is so caring towards people, is dedicated to working hard, willing to learn new things, good at science, and isn't exactly good at math physical therapy is the perfect career for you. "Post secondary education is inevitable to establishing a career in physical therapy (Massey Par.3)." When you reach your senior year of high school it is important you have chosen which professional education will meet your goals and financial needs. Education is not cheap and it is important to realize this as you will be spending a lot of money to reach your career goal. "Before you can become a physical therapist it is important to consider what you will be getting into(APTA par11)."1 Education is a must for entering this field. If you are considering this profession you can plan as early ahead as your freshman year in high school. Take a lot of science courses and nursing or first aid if your school offers them. Once you reach your senior year of high school you should be ready to enter the wonderful world of college. In college it is important to take a lot of science courses and apply to a physical therapy program at an accredited university. It is also important that you take an extensive amount of clinical courses. At a university you can receive a number of degrees in physical therapy. It is possible to earn an Associate's of Arts degree an Associate's of science degree, bachelor of science degree and even a master's degree. Some people even go as far as getting a DPT a doctor of physical therapy degree. College is so important and its very important that you do well while your in it. It could mean the employment of a future job. In order to earn a degree higher than a bachelor's that could mean as much as another two years of college. Knowledge must be a top priority to a physical therapist....

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physical therapy Essay

1159 words - 5 pages in their profession then unessecary test and medication is administered during the care process therefore lowering the cost of medical services, which is a big problem in today’s world. The main probelm in health care today is the cost to receive nessecary medical services. When dealing with physical therapy, there are many reasons for the cost for care increases. One of which is explained in an article called,Physical Therapist Make Accurate

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1393 words - 6 pages patients; sports physical therapists must come up with care plans, fill out paper work, and check in with their patient’s doctors for status updates. There are several components that make up the job of a sports physical therapist. What is physical therapy anyway? According to, “The treatment of disease, injury, or disability by physical and mechanical means (as massage, regulated exercise, water, light, heat, and electricity

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1658 words - 7 pages Medicine”). Considering the fact that everyone will not share the same cultural background, it would be an advantage to learn a foreign language, and take psychology to help relate to patients and their families (“Physical Medicine”). There are three basic requirements for practicing as a professional physical therapist; a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university, a post-baccalaureate graduate degree in physical therapy

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1482 words - 6 pages , disabilities, and their mobility(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). A Physical Therapist Assistant can work in hospitals, schools, and any average therapy location. There is a lot of information about being a Physical Therapist Assistant including their day to day routine,salary, schooling, and employment rates (APTA). As a Physical Therapist Assistant the rewards received from each patient is amazing. Everyday the Physical Therapist Assistant

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291 words - 2 pages have strong interpersonal skills to successfully educate patients about their physical therapy treatments. They should also be compassionate and possess a desire to help patients. Similar traits also are needed to interact with the patient's family.

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672 words - 3 pages . We talked for a little bit about the Physical Therapy field and then went about what she does every day. Some of the things that I witnessed shadowing Meg were amazing. For example, I saw one patient who had a complete knee replacement on Monday, my first day. Each day we worked with him and by Thursday he was completely fine. Seeing his progression on a daily basis really made me feel good. It made me feel like I did something to help someone's

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2354 words - 10 pages Introduction The physical therapy profession like many other health care professions is constantly evolving. The evolution is being followed by the growing pressure from the federal government, insurance companies, employers, and patients who are seeking high quality care to be cost effectively. Over the decades the roles of a physical therapist has been changing from dependence on physicians to independent practice under a self-governing

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1239 words - 5 pages An advantage of direct access is that it lowers the cost of therapy services. Delays in treatment result in higher costs, increased patient frustration and decreased functional outcomes. Direct access would eliminate the delays and allow reduction to costs. Despite the research findings that episodes of care for patients who received physical therapy via direct access were shorter, included fewer number of services, and were less costly than

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1681 words - 7 pages Robotic Rehabilitation, specifically the Lokomat or locomotor training, robotic body suits and the AlterG Leg, shows improvements to Physical Therapy. These devices strengthen muscles and bodies that have suffered from Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injury, brain injury or stroke. Patients are harnessed into a treadmill that prevents them from falling and encourages them to strengthen their bodies. Through a computer system, a robot is thorough in

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1039 words - 4 pages ." President Barack Obama made this statement at a conference for the American Medical Association. Medical assistance in this country is in the process due to the the Affordable Care Act Barack Obama passed in 2010 which puts the individuals, families and business owners at the forefront to be in control of their health care needs. Physical Therapy plays a major role in the medical field, it helps many Americans get back on their feet literally as well as

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Physical Therapy Essay

1768 words - 8 pages to have longer work days. As a Physical Therapist it is ones job to help patients return to a healthier physical state after injury, therefore you must be in good physical condition to efficiently do your job. Physical Therapy is physically demanding because one has to be able to help patients move and do or demonstrate how to do an exercise (A Day in the Life). In addition to those demands they must also have energy to complete paper work and

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3078 words - 12 pages Imagine the inability to physically walk or do so pain free, or to sit, or do any type of daily routine without any sort of constant complications. Whether a person has been injured, born with a disability condition, or a disability occurred due to aging, there is a way to help treat many complications. Participating in a physical therapy rehabilitation program can help to heal an injury by proper, safe exercises to strengthen and prevent

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1373 words - 6 pages year depending on where they work and what type of therapy work they do. For example, if one were to work in a city or state where there was not a lot of physical therapists and there was a major need for a physical therapists in that area, they could be making a lot more money than an area where there are a good amount of physical therapists. The special type of physical therapists also determines how much money one can make as well