Violence Of Video Games For Children

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Violent Video GamesViolent Video GamesIntroNinety-Seven percent of preteens and teens from the ages of 12 to 17 own and play video games in their home. ( Only 3% of children do not play video games at all. Video games are played not only by children but by adults also. They are a fun and interacting entertainment.Although video games are fun, children are affected negatively by video games that they play at home. Children who play video games that are violent are physically, mentally and socially affected by them.WhatVideo games are an interactive game played electronically by a computer or television screen. Video games are an excellent source of entertainment for all ages. Around sixty eight percent of American households play video games on an everyday basis and ninety-seven percent of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 play some type of video game. A big concern among adults is that children can become addicted and violent from these games especially with video games are becoming more realistic. There are many games that are very popular today like all the Grand Theft Autos, where you play as a gang member and can kill random people walking on the street. Another game many children and teens play is Call of Duty, a game where children can play online with others and kill each other. Blood and gore, intense violence, strong sexual content and use of drugs are just a few different things that occur in many games that are popular today. Researchers like Dr. Brian Primack and Mary Carroll believe that many of the actions seen in video games make children act out what they have seen or done in the video game. Most of these games that the children are playing that have these violent and sexual acts are rated M for mature, which means someone over the age of seventeen to buy them but an adult can buy a these games for their children. Then blame is put on the parents for buying these games for the children.WhoKids under the age of seventeen are being evaluated by researchers. Researches have been done to see how kids react before and after playing video games. Many incidents have already happened where a child did an aggressive crime and people choose to blame the video games as the problem and it has worked as a solution. A child may see in Grand Theft Auto a man run up to a person shoot them, take their money and leave the child will reenact that by taking a toy gun and shooting it. Preteens and teens that play more of these games will be more likely to become violent because they are exposed to the game more frequently. A study was done where two children played the same video game for a week but one child played more than the other. The child that played more often that than the other showed many more violent acts during the week study. Exposure to these games creates more opportunity for the child to act out these acts in real life.HowChildren play these video games on devices like Xbox,...

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2114 words - 8 pages violent video games should not be available for children. The violence in the video games could cause them to hurt or assault others (Update). The article claims that “Children cannot purchase harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco” they note – “violent video games should be similarly kept out of their possession” (Update). Another online article named “Video Games and Violence” suggests that violent video games are popular because

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593 words - 2 pages have an effect, especially on the younger members of our society. Most of the times, violent video games are meant for users over age 18, yet the marketers of the same products intentionally market these violent video games in children magazines, which obviously draws their attention to products that are not suitable for their age. The focus on these games is not only to kill, but also to torture and maim in the process. (http

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1130 words - 5 pages effects on the children playing these games that aren’t intended for them. According to Funk, Baldacci, Pasold and Baumgardner(2004), video games are where children will experience the most violence and are the most studied in relation to violence targeting children. This type of violence tends to have the same impact on children when seeing real-life violence thus normalizing violence and its effects in the real world. This may cause children to

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1719 words - 7 pages never consider that perhaps these kids play enormously violent games for the reason that they are violent, because of these reasons of neglect (Sternheimer, 15). For children video games are usually used as a tool for the violence rather than being a cause. The media’s thinking is similar to saying that food is evil and should not be eaten by anyone since it can potentially cause obesity if someone eats too much. They didn’t consider that it can be

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1665 words - 7 pages year were rated M, for players 18 years or older (Videogames.procon). The statistics show no connection between youth acts of violence and the growth in violent videogames, it in fact shows that the opposite is happening children are becoming less violent. With the steady rise of violent video games it seems the decline of violent youth crimes will also continue. Video games have shown to have positive effects on the players and the society

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1333 words - 5 pages symptoms, may be minimal”(Ferguson). The argument whether or not video games has a negative impact on a child’s psyche will rage on for the foreseeable future. As the Nintendo Generation fully matures and starts to have children of their own, video games will become normalized and part of this generation’s culture in the same way the television, movies, and radio has. Although there has not been a proven link between adolescent violence and video

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1707 words - 7 pages the reason that they are violent, because of these reasons of neglect (Sternheimer, 15). For children video games are usually used as a tool for the violence rather than being a cause. The media’s thinking is similar to saying that food is evil and should not be eaten by anyone since it can potentially cause obesity if someone eats too much. They didn’t consider that it can be good for people that eat right…and that you sort of need it to live

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3108 words - 13 pages . 2002). However, Przybylski et al, carried a study on computer games and terminated that the will and pleasure for future play were joined to ability and also the expertise of autonomy within the video game, and not the extent of violence. completely different students have argued concerning the negative and positive effects of taking part in video games among youngsters. This analysis paper can discuss the assorted effects that taking part in games

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1028 words - 5 pages their original purpose. The final reason video games that have violence in them are good for kids, is because some mainly let them play with friends. When it come violent games that are discussed considerably, like Call of Duty, Halo, or Battlefield, the violence is not even the main reason these games are played. If a young kid is playing Call of Duty, it is more than likely they are playing it because of the online mode. This lets them play

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1840 words - 7 pages For years now, professionals of different fields have been debating about violent video games and its effect on the gamers. This paper aims to outline the claims and counterclaims in the debate around video game violence. This paper supports the contention that concerns about video game violence are not legitimate. This paper examines the two main opposing arguments concerned with video game violence. First, it addresses the issues surrounding

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892 words - 4 pages (4): 259-274. Anderson, C. A. (2011). Violent Video Games and Other Media Violence (Part I). Pediatrics for Parents, 27(1): 28-30. Ashworth et al. (2010). The Role of Dominance in the Appeal of Violent Media Depictions. Journal of Advertising, 39(4): 121-134. Ferguson, C. J., & Rueda, S. M. (2010). The Hitman study: Violent video game exposure effects on aggressive behavior, hostile feelings, and depression. European Psychologist, 15(2

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1120 words - 4 pages habits developed at this stage are critical because they sustain for life. Children engaging more hours in video games are found to be less caring and helpful towards their friends. To say, their way of thinking is solely dependent upon the situations they face in the games. Thus, video games are bad tools that make children more violent, negatively affecting their psychological and personality development. Another impact of video games on