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Physical Activity Levels Among Student Nurses

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Introduction of the literature review.
The literature review aims at developing the current and, existing knowledge regarding the physical activity in the area of nursing and student nurses, as well as analysing the omissions in the literature within the physical activity among nursing students . An online search was conducted using databases such as Medline, Cinahl, ASSIA, EBSCO, and Science Direct. The limitation of the literature time frame located from 2000 – 2010, using the key words: Physical activity- physical exercise –nursing students –physical activity levels-students .Various combinations of the key- words above were used to improve the analysis of collected and produced research papers and reports - related to the topic. The literature generated includes :clinical ,educational papers and policy document on physical activity. Moreover, the researcher papers published from international sources outside the United Kingdom (UK) ,were considered, because their findings could be compared to the one in the United Kingdom. In addition ,the literature based on activities, diet and other lifestyle issues amongst general nurses were also included to develop the knowledge base in this area. The results of the search generated approximately 20 articles by which, the researcher decided to review .Most of the literature generated ,investigated the health promotion related behaviour and physical activity among nursing students and nurses. Although a few articles were explicitly based on physical activity in nursing students, the documentation generated combined health behaviours such as physical activity, healthy eating, and fitness, mainly because these three indicators are relevant to a healthy lifestyle.
Analysis of the literature Review
Public health acknowledged the holistic role of nursing practice in health promotion and development through health education programmes (World Health Organization, 2004). Gerish and Lacey, (2006) defines health improvement as the science and design which help people to improve their behaviour in order to live longer and healthy. Similarly, Alpar, (2008) described health improvement ideas as a manner which allow people to determine their own health and make decision for behavioural change, while they keep their positive healthy lifestyle. Recent evidence demonstrated the relevance of regular physical activity in preventing chronic diseases and improving the health of the population (McElligot, 2007) A study by Shriver and Scott-Stiles, (2000) argued that, health care professionals should strive to be outstanding role models for their clients. Likewise, Holt and Warne (2006) revealed that nurses are well positioned to set the example of healthy lifestyles concepts, which will have positive impact on the quality of nursing guidance and handling other health services that they provide to their clients. Although, nurses offer a high priority on offering primary health care to their...

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