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The insurmountable benefit to having personal experience in a society versus watching it on television is simple and can be well personified by Chance, in the text Being There by Jerzy Kosinski. Chance is a man who steps out into the world after remaining isolated in his home his whole life, only to watch television. While others seem to understand him Chance struggles to even understand himself, as his ignorant ways almost bring him to Vice-Presidential power; and it is this road to fame that satirically emphasizes the issues in television as well as modern media. While television did teach Chance a means of interaction and a glimpse into society, it was unable to teach him individuality and understanding. This is, as researchers in the field agree, because media is created more so on the basis to intrigue rather than inform, creating tantalizing stories while limiting their educational value. Electronic information and broadcasting can never fully replace personal experience in society because of the intricate workings of the human social system and the unaccountability of media.
Real world physical interactions have more dimension to them that the various modern medias cannot teach. Communication for instance is not only knowing how to respond, but also coordinating the correct body language. Someone such as Chance, would be unaware of these more, implicit messages when speaking with someone; and it was this confusion that led Chance so far as having a sexual encounter with a male. Furthermore as the article "Facebook Social Good or Social Dysfunction?" points out, people like digital interaction because of it’s ambiguity. The internet grants the ability to choose what is and isn’t shared publicly, making people feel less insecure and more confident about themselves in virtual world. Although it are these little secrets that people like to hide from each other that in society, make us individuals and add to the overall understanding of each other.
Social and televised media’s have the ability to spread information across the country educating all their viewers, but instead choose not to. The public doesn't want a textbook’s worth of information being...

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