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Physician Assistant Essay

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“You must love your work, and not be always looking over the edge of it…You must have pride in your own work and in learning to do it well,” George Elliot says in his novel Middlemarch. Elliot suggests that passion is what stops the moans and groans of going to work every day and turns work into fun. It is crucial too to learn fully how to do the job so that the outcome of practicing it involves love, pride and satisfaction. However, in this hard economic time, one cannot make decisions based on pure passion and heavenly outcome; other factors such as income are essential too. Also, one needs to consider the time, effort, dedication and service to others one is committing oneself to. When on the brink of choosing a career, it is important to open oneself to endless career options but at the end choose the one fittest in terms of interest, time, money and service to humanity. One vocation that may have it all is that of a physician assistant. A physician assistant provides primary health care services under a physician's supervision. (Expand this a little more; add a definition sentence or two) A physician assistant is a laborious occupation that, despite its hardships, can be fulfilling and rewarding.
The vocation of Physician assistant automatically falls under the medicine category, however how exactly did physician assistants became a part of medicine. It all began in 1965, when there was a shortage of physicians. As a result, Dr. Eugene Stead, chairman of the Department of Medicine at Duke University, established a two-year program to properly educate “physician assistants” in order to address the health care issues of the time. In the fall of 1965, four ex-Navy corpsmen became the first people to begin their education at Duke University under Dr. Stead’s direction. The physician assistant, formerly viewed as a physician substitute, was trained to provide medical care to rural and other medically underserved populations with physician supervision.
For one to become a physician assistant, one has to go through academic stages. First one has to be accepted into a PA program, one must first complete two years of college course and attain their bachelor’s degree in science. Then, one must have about three years of health care experience before entering into a program. After both prerequisites are achieved, one has to attend an accredited PA program, a 27 month long program that includes classroom lectures and clinical rotation. Once one has completed the program they must take the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) administered by the National Commission on Certification of the Physician Assistant. Once one has passed the PANCE, they are officially a certified Physician Assistant.
A Physician assistant practices medicine under the direction of a physician, and can nearly do anything regarding medicine. What exactly are some of the thing a physician assistant does on a day to day basis? Physician Assistants perform...

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