Physician Assisted Suicide: A Crime Or Not

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Assisted suicide should be legal if the person asks or agrees to it. If someone is ill or about to die from other causes they should have the right to death by their doctor. If a doctor suggests it and the person or close family member agrees to it the doctor shouldn't be charged for murder. It should become a law that if a person wants to die that badly their doctor can do it for them. If it became against the law we might start to have people jumping off building and hanging them selves or much worse. That makes it so the whole community would have to see this person die. Then it would be all over the news and it would become out of hand.Life and death is a decision that should be made with a person and their doctor. So the person could get the doctors ideas about it and the doctor could get the persons reasons and ideas on suicide. The person and their doctor should discuss it and if they think it should be done, it should be done. It's not up to the government or you or me to decide someone else's fate. If a person wants to die let them die.Daniel Zingale said,"Aids action believes that the Federal Government should not interfere with individuals will to live or to die" ( The government should not be able to make a law that a doctor couldn't help a person with an illness to commit suicide. It is the person andthe doctor's decision. If a person suggests it and a doctor agrees or if a doctor suggests it and the person agrees the doctor should be able to assist the person's suicide.In the book Questions and Answers about Suicide David Lester said, "A person with a terminal illness might use assisted suicide to escape from the pain and stress of their illness" (43). People with an illness, such as AIDS, get tired of having to take pills every day and going to the doctor just to try to live another day. "When there is no one to blame is when suicide becomes a way out" (43). When a person with an illness has no one to blame they blame themselves. So their way out is to get their doctor to assist their suicide. "Several features of AIDS might increase the risk of suicide" (41). The worse the illness the more a person would want to commit suicide.In his book Denial of the Soul Scott M. Peck MD talks about "it being impossible to separate suicide from murder"...

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