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Physician Assisted Suicide In The United States

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When diagnosed with an incurable disease one may know they have no chance of living. Such diseases may be cancer, ALS, and even Alzheimer’s. Instead o suffering through the horrors and pain, a patient may suggest Physician Assisted Suicide to their doctor. Physician Assisted Suicide is defined as a prescription, written by the doctor(s), that if ingested will end the patient’s life. This process differs from Euthanasia, since Euthanasia is when the doctor of physician will inject the patient with a lethal injection. The process of PAD is easier for most patients since they could choose to die wherever they want. May it be their home or at the hospital, they get the rightful choice. Around ...view middle of the document...

Of those 114, forty ended up not partaking. Roughly around thirty initiated the process but ended up not moving onto the next step. The forty remaining patients obtained the prescription and out of those forty only twenty-four died. The others died of natural causes, such has their illness. Trice Loggers concluded in the study” "Each year, there are over 50,000 deaths in Washington state, and cancer is the second leading cause of death. The number who chose to participate in the Death With Dignity program is miniscule. This study shows that people are not making these decisions lightly" (health.usnews)
Physician Assisted Suicide is not all rainbows and butterflies. It comes with many complications and wrongs. When becoming a doctor, one of things they must do is take a Hippocratic Oath. When a patient wants to die it goes against that oath, since doctors are set out to do no harm to patients and to keep them alive. Assisted suicide lowers the value of life. Life is sacred and should be protected at all costs. According to Howard Ball in his essay Physician Assisted Death In America: Ethics, Law, and Policy Conflicts “Opposed to these arguments are conservative philosophers, scientists, clergy (especially the Roman Catholic hierarchy), doctors, nurses, politicians, lobbyists, and pressure groups. For all of them, there are limits to individual autonomy. And PAD is not a fundamental right. They believe that a more fundamental societal right—the sanctity of human life—trumps individual autonomy.” Continued, PAD could most likely be against a person’s religion. Stated in the Ten Commandments “Thou shall not kill,” the act of inducing your death goes with this saying since many believe you will die...

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