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Physician Assisted Suicide Should Or Should Not Be

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Euthanasia generally refers to hastening death for a merciful motive or a "good death". Passive euthanasia includes forgoing life support or extraordinary treatments. Active euthanasia, also called mercy killing, involves direct interventions to hasten death. The highly controversial forms active euthanasia is physician assisted suicide (PAS). Physician assisted suicide occurs when the means is provided for a patient to bring on death by someone else taking action at the request of the patient who wants to die from an incurable disease. Helping someone to take his/her life has raised many questions and concerns of these procedures. One question is being asked, should physician assisted ...view middle of the document...

? He goes on to say, ?The oath reads, neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course.? Physician should value the quality of life and with recent advances in medical technology they can provide proper management of care to their patients.For decades, suffering from pain as a result of a terminal illness has been apart of life. Presently with advance medicine, physician can provide patients with adequate pain management. Pain can be manageable with the right palliative care regimen. A study was led by Dr. Erik Fromme, an assistant professor of general medicine and geriatrics at OHSU and senior scholar in its Center for Ethics in Health Care. He said: "What this study did for me was contrast our view of things versus what's actually happening? People all around the state have heard the publicity, but they haven't necessarily gotten better care. If people's expectations are higher, I'm glad. But in addition to expecting more, I hope they'll push health care providers to get them the care and pain relief they need." Doctors, patients, and/or family members who suggest PAS may be unaware of the advance and availability of palliative care medications. Dr. Walker implies in his article that palliative care...

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