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Physician Assisted Suicides Essay

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Physician assisted suicides
Physician assisted suicides is among the modern greatest challenges that come with the medical professions ethic responsibilities. Assisted suicides threaten the greater core of the profession of medicine and its integrity since it is not just a proposal towards the care of the dying but the means to their death.
Even though the council on Ethical and judicial affairs of medicine has long standing policies going against the need for euthanasia. However, these policies do not address the issue of assisted suicide fully. This was not until there was a report on the issue in June 1991 regarding the "Decisions of near the End of Life." This report clearly illustrates that assisted physician suicide is not in the professional role of the physician. Therefore, the report concludes that the physicians should not participate in assisting the patients commit suicide. There before the council had given out a report rebuffing the use euthanasia. In this report the council had stated in June 1997 that euthanasia or mercy killings is not in line with the policies of the medical tradition. Additionally they said that it was not in line with the measure of human worth and value. Later on in 1988, the council also strongly reaffirmed its decision of not supporting euthanasia or mercy killing (Colbert, Schulte, & Adler, 2013).
In June 1990, there was a large spark of this issue of mercy killing and assisted suicide when Dr. Jack Kevorkian assisted Janet Adkins a patient in suicide. This debate later on sky rocketed in March 1991 when a doctor, Timothy Quill also came clean to his assistance in the professional suicide of Diane Trumbull. From here, a large number of public events followed regarding physician assisted suicide and Euthanasia. This involved putting this highly regarded issue to a public ballot in November 1991 in Washington State and other states like Californian in 1992. However, in both this cases the voters declined to pass the decision of letting euthanasia or physician-assisted dying to be legalized. Other instances are like in Canada where the supreme court of Canada declined a woman’s request to end her life through assisted suicide. A large number of individuals have urged the government to look into the issue of assisted suicide. However, in each case the council has revisited the issue with different remarks.
The report below looks at assisted suicide and weather doctors should be involved in assisted suicides. In the paper in intend to look at the ethical aspect and the human aspect of this assisted suicide.
An assisted suicide can be described as an occurrence where a physician in the medical profession offers a patient a medical knowledgeable means to commit suicide. An instance is where a doctor offers patient sleeping pills and informs the patient on the lethal dosage of the pills while aware that the patient is planning to commit suicide. In physician-assisted suicide, the...

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