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Physics Communication Technology Research Task

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Identify types of communication data that are stored or transmitted in digital form.

A) List of four forms of communications that are made using a digital system.
Mobile phones are a form of communication that is using digital system, it is both a receiver and a transmitter, Televisions have recently changed over to digital on the 12th of June 2009, they had use to use Analogue but since you were able to recover information in digital and not Analogue everyone switched over to digital, radio is one of the most famous types of communication that use digital, the reason they had changed from Analogue to digital is because it sounds better and you were able recover information in a storm. Last but not least the internet, “the internet was invented around time of 1983 in January, it only came to be popular around the 1990 and it became everywhere soon after.”[footnoteRef:1] [1:]

B) Outline how a binary code is represented using electrical signals
The definition of binary code is a numerical system that computers use in order for it to operate. In the binary language, there is only 2 numbers that are used which is (1) which means on and (0) which means off. The signal put off by the binary codes uses electrical pulses, these pulses represent numbers which are again 1 and 0 hence the on and off. “The device called a clock will send out electrical currents or pulses, and components such as transistors switch on (1) or off (0) to pass or block the current or pulses.”[footnoteRef:6] [6:]

C) Explain why the corruption of a digital signal is less likely than corruption of an Analogue signal.
A digital signal is an electrical signal which uses binary using on (1) and off (0) while an Analogue signal is an ongoing wave using the sine wave, the main components of this is the frequency and amplitude. The reason why digital signals are less likely to have corruption is because there is no need to preciseness in signal level which means the signal level is not critical in this condition where has the signal level in an Analogue is immensely important if not for the signal level it will be more likely corrupted.

D) Distinguish between digital and Analogue communication systems. In your answer outline, how an Analogue signal differs to a digital signal.
A digital communication system uses an electronic signal and can be displayed by a device. This signal will have samples (will have a value at a set point of time) and the accuracy of these signals will be based upon samples that are taken at the that instance. An Analogue signal is ongoing signal which has been depicted like a Sine wave, this signal uses amplitude and frequency these are the main parts of which these signals consists of. The noticeable difference between these two signals is that Analogue signal is a continuous wave which consists of an amplitude and a frequency that...

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