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Physics Research EssayIn our human beings, weather is always with us, whenever it is hot or cold.And one year has four seasons which never changes and always occurs.In very cold days, what should we do to make us feel better? We always use electronic devices to make us feel warmer, but how to improve that, and make it more efficiently?In North of China, we always use air conditioner to raise room temperature and adjust it suitably for ourselves. The air conditioner has been set near the ceiling of the room and that makes a convection of the wind, which is a current that hot air rises and cold air sink and therefore form a circulation. This is the basic knowledge of how it works, but we can't sure how well it works. And I think the main problem in North of China is that, air conditioner actually is for cold air, and it will be more efficiently to cooling, because hot air rises and cold air sinks down, make a convention, but if the air conditioner gives out warm wind, which the hot air will always stay in the top of the room, and the cold wind can't sinks down and form a circulation. It is not convenient and it will waste a lot of time and electricity to warm the whole room. Due to the heating of the air conditioning is blow out hot air directly by mechanical power, it will causes the air becomes dry in winter.At the same time, air conditioner blows out hot air to strengthen the air circulation, will cause the dust from the floor floats in the sky, and will reduces the indoor air quality.From the point of view of comfort, due to the air conditioners are mostly held near the ceiling, the heating of the air conditioner will rises because hot air raises, so it is easy to appear uneven distribution of heat, at the top of the room is warm, but at the bottom of the room is cold, and it is not suitable for us especially in very cold days.In addition, air conditioning heating every once in a while, you must clean up and maintain, otherwise will affect the efficiency of heating, it will also increases the cost of heating. Air conditioner uses a lot of electricity. This creates both financial disadvantages for the people who have to pay for the power, and environmental disadvantages caused by power production,because a large percentage of electricity is created by coal-burning power plants, air conditioners contributes indirectly to the release of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.Also,spending too much time in an air-conditioned environment can have health problems such as asthma,chest congestion.So I think to solve this kind of problem, and make our room warmer, we should use wood burning fireplace in our homes.Fireplace is an architectural structure designed to contain a fire, and it is a kind of heating which through the fuel combustion heat to heat the object or a huge space, like rooms.Radiation is one of the main way which fireplace work.Through the fuel heating, it will produces a yellow flame, and the yellow flame contains infrared radiation,and...

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1346 words - 5 pages A firearm, in the most basic form, consists of a barrel, an action, a firing mechanism, a stock and a sighting device. No matter the form of the firearm, the same basic principles of physics and chemistry apply. The study of these principles is called ballistics. There are three types of ballistics, internal, external, and terminal. Internal ballistics is the study of the flight of a projectile inside a firearm. External ballistics is the study

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759 words - 4 pages universally accepted just yet. Millikan won the Nobel Prize in Physics because of this experiment. Charles-Augustin de Coulomb invented a device, dubbed the torsion balance, that allowed him to measure very small charges and experimentally estimate the force of attraction or repulsion between two charged bodies. The data he obtained through his extensive use of the torsion balance enabled Coulomb to formulate one of the fundamental laws of

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850 words - 3 pages 1.1 Top twelve reasons why you should study physics 12: UIU requires you to do it ¡V American system ¡V scientific education for business professionals or vice versa! ¡V look better in your resume.11: Enhance your romance -- understand why the Titanic sank, not the ice ¡V Fluid mechanics, lecture 7 10: Better chance of survival in car collisions: momentum conservation, lecture 6 9: Better chance of survival in robbery

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4259 words - 17 pages accepted by the scientific community. This expansion into empirical research can be seen as the sole reason physics has become more advanced (and therefore more powerful as a mental tool). Philosophy has never moved into specific empirical research in the same way, and so is free to criticise the logic of empirical research. The purpose of this essay is to explain these criticisms, including the problem of induction, the problem of probability and

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1250 words - 5 pages The Nucleus of an atom consists of protons, and neutrons. A proton has a charge of positive one while a neutron has no electric charge at all and both have a mass of one atomic mass unit. These two particles are known as nucleons. On the outside of the nucleus electrons can be found. These electrons have a charge of negative one and a mass that is negligible because of how small it is compared to the nucleons. The discovery of the electron

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7340 words - 29 pages Quantum mechanics is a fundamental branch of physics which deals with physical phenomena at nanoscopic scales where the action is on the order of the Planck constant. It departs from classical mechanics primarily at the quantum realm of atomic and subatomic length scales. Quantum mechanics provides a mathematical description of much of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter. Quantum mechanics provides

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