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Physics Is Everywhere Essay

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Physics is Everywhere

Physics is like math; it is always being used everywhere, whether we are conscious of it or not. With the use and knowledge of physics, one can take into account that knowledge to help them perform a deed more successfully and efficient. Although skydiving and weight lifting aren’t the only activities that involve physics, I feel that they are some of the most interesting and benefit seeking activities. Without the knowledge of physics, skydiving wouldn’t be as safe as it is today and weight lifters wouldn’t be able to lift five times their weight. The history of the physics of skydiving and weight lifting has been affected by implications socially and economically. Over the years, these activities have been altered due to increasing knowledge of physics, and this knowledge will continue to expand as time elapses.

In 1797 the Frenchman Andre Jacques Garnerin performed the first parachute plunge from an aircraft using a basket below an open parachute, which was made of silk and solidified with supporting poles (The History of Sport Parachuting). When the first parachute was dropped, physicists didn’t have a wealth of knowledge about the physics that supported skydiving. Ever since the first drop, skydiving has been an evolving sport, as this is due to the developing knowledge of physics. Skydiving is perceived as a very risky sport in the eyes of the public; therefore, in order for the sport to continue, physicists needed to discover ways to reduce the risks involved. They were successful in doing this by developing better equipment and techniques. The economical impact of skydiving has been huge. The research involved in the design of the chute, the materials used, and the engineering involved requires money. Skydiving is also affected economically because a person who is of low economic status may have a different experience while parachuting than a person of high economic status. The lower economic status individual is probably not capable of purchasing or even renting a parachute that has the “best of the best” features, while the person who is of high economic status can purchase and use the best model on the market.

As I observed the downfalls and risks of skydiving, I thought to myself, what could I attribute to the skydiving experience? I think that a feasible way to reduce risks of skydiving would be to have an emergency device that automatically brings you down safely to earth. This could be a design where another parachute expands automatically when near a certain distance from the ground or a tank that exploits gas to relay the skydiver safely to the surface. Although skydiving isn’t the most dangerous extreme sport, possibilities of death and serious injury are still applicable. As physicists extend their knowledge on skydiving, the future of the sport will be greatly affected. They will not only discover the safest procedures for a skydiver, but they will also be able to...

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