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Concert ReviewOn April 8th 2004 I attended the "Music for Piano" concert featuring Bette Coulson and Philip Seward at the Columbia College Concert Hall. The show was only about an hour. Mr. Seward and Mrs. Coulson played five pieces together and then each play on solo. This was my first piano concert, of any kind, that I have attended. This was something new for me.The concert included seven different pieces. Claude Debussy composed three of them, La puerta del vino, Le Vent dans la Plaine, and Lisle Joyous L.106. Anton Dvoark composed the opening and closing songs, Slavic Dance Op.46 #1 and Salvonic Dance Op.46 #5. The piece by Samuel Barber was called Souvenirs and was played by both ...view middle of the document...

Both seemed to stay together well, like it was just one person with four hands playing. Each played with the same dynamics, like if the tempo picked up they both kept moving forward, or if it got quiet then they would play the keys lighter. When they played together one person would give the count off and head nod and one player would always turn the page. Seward and Coulson were a well-put together duet. They each played a solo piece in which neither of them used music; but instead trusted themselves that they knew it by heart.Since there were only two performers it was easy to compare their style of playing to each other. While Seward sat completely on the chair Coulson sat at the end of her seat like taught in basic piano classes. Seward's hands barely lifted off the keys before going into another part of his piece, Three Preludes. This little break allowed the audience to realizes it was the beginning of a new segment but still part of same large piece.All of the pieces went together well enough to make a good concert but they differed in tempo and dynamics to make it interesting. The first piece Slavic Dance was up beat and exciting and it brought the audience into the show. I heard the piece and thought to myself ok the show has now begun. I think it is a good idea no matter what kind of performance it is, the start should be exciting and welcoming. The second piece, Three Preludes, was very clam and relaxing to the ears. At some points the song did get louder but sill had a nice...

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